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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend works in progress

The skirty's I made this week! I am seriosly considering selling them..... would anyone buy?My little model in her valentines outfit!

So this is what I got done this week. Not much for a normal week for me.... It has been crazy here lately, the baby hasnt felt well and I havnt had much extra time. I did manage to finish one skirty and start and finish another one this week! So that is really fun! I have been having a hard time getting ym new Etsy site up and going..... hm.... I am going to work hard on it this weekend and then post a link so you can all tell me how you like it! Anyway, hopefully more projects and maybe a tutorial or two next week! I just need some ideas of what you guys want me to make a tutorial... I am up for anything!!Pretend it isnt sideways (blogger.....) 14 newborn diapers (not for me, for a cousin!)


  1. Hey Josie, I am not sure if you remember little sister is Lyndsay Sparks your friend in High School, anyways, I don't remember how I came across your blog but I LOVE IT! You have a lot of great info. I have a little girl (she will be three in May) I also cloth diapered her (I am assuming you Cloth Diaper your Daughter, since you make skirties) Anyways, just thought I would leave you a comment and let you know I will be following your blog for sure.

  2. FO = Finished Object. :)

    I'm a fellow frugal diaper-sewing mama, etsian, and also a member of the etsy cloth diaper team ( ) and I can tell you that YES people buy those things!

    BTW, those are adorable diapers. I only have boys, so I don't get to make a lot of girly diapers (just the ones I sell)...ahh, I need a girl!!

  3. OMG ADORABLE skirts!! I'm soooo jealous! I need to learn how to make that stuff. Oh, and I have a friend who just told me sh'es pregnant and she's FREAKING out about finances and stuff... I'm introducing her to your blog so keep up these good tips! :o)

  4. The skirties are great, I'm so jealous!!!! Argh, I'm going to learn to crochet if it kills me...

  5. Those are so totally cute! Are they actually cloth diapers, or are they diaper covers? Very cool.


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