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Friday, September 18, 2009


Gotta love them right? I LOVE mine SO much, but sometimes, I just dont get it! lol.

I have been having a pretty bad month. My uncle died this weekend and the viewing and funeral were Wed and Thursday. Last weekend after I got paid I gave the money to my DH and asked him to go get me something. I ment a flower, a candy bar, a card, just something to make me feel special. He said "OK" and promptly went upstairs where he played on the computer for 2 hours before coming downstairs to watch tv. SO I didnt get anything because he said it wasnt enough money to get me what I deserve. :( SO yesterday after all the drama and sadness I asked him again to go get me something. I told him, it doesnt have to be something big, just something! So he took the baby and was gone for an hour. And what did he pick up you might ask? Well again, nothing. He went on telling me about how it wasnt enough to get something good and I said, "anything, anything would be better than nothing"

SO anyway, have you ever done this? Does your husband do little things for you?

It turned out that he finally decided to get me a massage at the place he works! I am SUPER excited! The last time I got a massage I was 8 months pregnant AND sick and I hurt for a week after, so I am exicted and hope this one goes better! :)


  1. It will be great, just make sure to drink lots and lots of water after, that helps to keep teh aches adn pains away.

  2. That is a good gift. Man can be silly sometimes, but I find they usually redeem themselves.

    Hugs to you, Josie!!

  3. The other night my husband went to the store and bought me pads- that's love!

  4. men need instructions sad to say
    go get me THIS
    but mine is really good
    day before last I was tired, cranky, swollen knees and just wanted to yell or cry.
    Dear Hubby rushed out (this is a life saving technique) and bought me greasy food at the local corner market with a large diet coke.
    came home, tucked me in on the couch, left me with tv remote, food and time to rest.
    HE WON!

  5. Aw, I hope you're having a better week.

    I definitely agree: men are like small children, they need specific instructions. Things get better over time...but my husband still has no idea what my favourite chocolate bar is after 15 years lol.

  6. sorry it stinks and little things help alot.
    glad you got a massage I have never had one!

    Chris does bring me candybars for a fun gift once in a while he used to do cards all the time I miss those.

    :) i'll mail you something soon. and I have pics for you if I can find 5 more min to post them. I finally got the labor post done GRRRRRRRR it only took since Thurs.


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