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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

oops- 3 things parents shoudl teach their kids

I got too excited with my last post. But the REAL blog hop thing is 3 things parents should teach their kids

1. To pray. I think teaching them young instills a love for prayer and for the savior!
2. To cover their mouth when they cough!~ Enough said right?
3. How to fall asleep on their own. (One I have been struggling with lately!)

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  1. What a great list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Getting to sleep on their own is definitely necessary!

  3. Yep, getting them to sleep on their own is not the easiest task. My son had a blanket we couldn't leave without because it was the only way he could fall asleep.

  4. I remember that getting to sleep on their own stage! ugh.

  5. Great list! I so need my sleep - that was one of the things I was most worried about before having kids.

    Thanks for hopping by my blog!

  6. I liked both of your lists!! Very true! Thanks for hopping by my blog! :)

  7. great list! and no worries...the sleep thing will come. my son is two and just started sleeping really well this week!! I would rather tell my child I held him when he cried instead of leaving him in his crib. :)

  8. Great list...found your blog on the list and your title gave me a chuckle..because once upon a time we were some college students raising our firt born..(who is now 15).
    plus we both returned back to school when our third child was 8 months old and continued on into my fourth pregnancy...and I'll have you know it was organic'
    Thank heavens we FINISHED...
    and now we have five...oh my...
    Be back soon to see what is new..

  9. #3, #3, #3. Nuff said!!!
    (and #1 is the best foundation for any child to develop) :o) Thanks for stopping by today.

  10. All of those are terrific things to teach our kids. We finally learned w/#3 how important going to sleep on their own is and he is the BEST sleeper of the bunch - will put himself to bed when he is tired, sleeps like a rock, etc. We used the Ferber book which I know isn't very popular, but it taught me the reasons behind the technique and I found them valid. It took 2 nights and he was doing it. He had never slept through the night and he was 15 months old waking 3+ times a night.


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