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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Need your help- Tutorial Thursday

I want to do a new tutorial for you all today! So now I need what you guys want to see a tutorial of! Leave me some comments so I can do something you will think is great, instead of something you wouldn't care to know! Hurry up and send in your ideas, and make sure to check back around 5 Mountain time to see what I came up with!


  1. ok i can't crochet can you? how do they get even stitches?

  2. What are some good snacks and foods to cook for a 13- almost 14 month old with only two teeth? She pretty much eats everything, I just have to tear it in really small pieces. This has been frustrating for me. Any suggestions?

  3. I'd like a tutorial of how to make a rolling wideget on the side of my blog.

  4. crochet!! I am dying to make a granny square quilt but I can't find a tutorial that makes sense to me!! :)

  5. Maybe something from your store.


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