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Monday, September 14, 2009

Its a big day in our house!

The baby starts dancing lessons today! You might think she is a bit young for this, and you would be right! The dance teacher has a daughter just 5 days younger than my babe and decided we were going to try this whole dancing thing out a year early! We will soon see how it goes! I think she is going to have a blast! And since money is so tight grandma offered to buy her a pair of pink ballets! And a tutu outfit, and another outfit.... lol! The only thing I am sad about is the fact that my camera is still being fixed and I wont have a picture of her first day of dancing! I have one from my first day of course!

SO what fun activities do your kids participate in?


  1. I think her dance outfit is Off The Hook (do I sound cool?) Let's see, Rainee dances, Bowen plays football, basketball and tennis and does Scouts, Colton has yet to find his "niche" but he like tennis and swimming and Mason is too young to care.

    FYI I also have a picture of me on my first day of dance, we must be related, LOL.

  2. Charity, if yours is standing on grandma's steps at their old house too, then YES we must be! haha

  3. ok, I am sorry it is TOTALLY unacceptable to NOT have a picture... so make sure someone with a camera is there borrow a camera or have another parent take a pic and email it to you... too important to miss you might regret it.

    Also I cannot wait to see the outfit sounds adorable and I wish the people down here would let addie. I cant wait to get her in dance and gymnastics... that's what I did when I was little. :)

  4. Little dancing girls are so adorable. Hope your camera is fixed soon. My kids do band, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and an opera singing group called Divas Down the Street.

  5. will be darling and you will be shocked how fast and how much they learn babies are like sponges asorbing all the time

  6. I wish we had that here. I would love my little on to be in dance.

  7. I want to put my baby in dance someday soon. I did dance and gymnastics when I was younger, so that's what I want to do with my daughter too.

  8. I think this will be so much fun for her. Too bad about the camera though. First day pictures would have been fun!

  9. sounds like so much fun!!!!! please keep us posted on how she likes it :)

  10. Oh what fun! Our daughter is trying out a bunch of different things before picking her favorite couple things to stick with. She's done musikgarten, dance, and now she's in gymnastics and art lessons at an art studio downtown. Our deal was that she could pick one artistic class and one physical type class each semester. If the two overlapped (like dance), then she could pick a second of anything. She also has karate on her list of interests as well as several sports. Sounds like she'll be very much like her mommy and daddy who loved to do just about anything.

    Hope it was a fun day!




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