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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sometimes you just have to laugh!

Seems like that is all I can say about the last week. Sorry I havnt been here much, life has officially gotten NUTS! My husband is taking 18 credits at school, trying to work, do homework and is the vice president of the sheep AND vet clubs. oh wait, the President of the sheep club resigned on Tuesday because "she just has too much of a workload with 14 credits and a family", so now DH is the new president! You know how they say when you husband gets a calling it becomes YOUR calling? yep.....

I have been frantically trying to get my homework done so I can start making some cash so he wont have to try to work on top of all this, because he is not fun when he is stressed. I I wish the shops were bringing in more dough, but I guess it is to be expected. I have been asked to teach some classes at the new Hobby Lobby, so now I just need to figure out what I want to teach! lol. I thought a begining crochet class would be fun, starting with learning about different yarns and hooks and starting a hot pad or scarf the first week, then learning more than just a single crochet and going in the round and doing a hat the second class, and then doing a "pick your project" for the third class. I started telling DH about this and he instantly told me it was a dumb idea- no one will come back if you teach them everything the first class.... well apparently he has never tried to learn how to do something that takes more than 2 steps! :) So what do you think? Would you be interested in something like this if you lived in my area? How much would you pay per class? I was thinking $10 for an hour or hour 1/2 class per person would be a fair price?

Today I have to finish my homework from yesterday because I had a rotary cutter jump off the track and into my finger, making it kind of hard to type.... I guess I should say that because I just typed all this LOL! Anyway, then I have to make some trainers, quilt a quilt, cut out another quilt, make a toddler sized jumper, make a tween sized skirt, make a couple newborn hats and gifts, nursing pads, clean my house, write a paper for DH, make posters for the sheep BBQ ect ect ect..... SO I guess I will be quite the busy gal today! :) hehehehe!


  1. That pic made me laugh really hard - too funny. I would totally pay $10 per lesson to learn to crochet - if I were you, I would charge for 4 week sessions upfront. That way if they don't come back you still get paid.

  2. I would love to learn how to crochet from someone very patient. Bet that would be you! $10 a class good price but I agree to get a up front payment for several classes. Smart lady too many hats.
    You have quite a load, is it too much?

  3. Never too much, just too little motivation! hahaha!

  4. Wow, seriously busy. I think $10 for 1/2 to 45 min because 1 hour is almost too long crocheting especially if you are having a hard time learining like I do. And your hands cramp when crocheting. Sounds like fun. Granny squares or pot holders are always a good thing to start with.

  5. Wow you are a busy person. You are so sweet to help out your family.

  6. WOW classes would be fun i would totally come if I could I want to learn becaue there are so many patterns on etsy I want... to have the items made of and well can't do that if i dont know how.

    sign up for a few classes at a time good idea.

    glad your busy... wishing you more luck! :)
    sorry you have a list of things to do and i'm only adding to it. :(
    i'll send my money early!! doe that help

  7. Wow, what a great opportunity for you. I think $10 for an hour or so is great...and the lesson plans you have sound good, too. Some people really like learning with a group and will come back the next week because they need help and have questions. I don't think people will drop the class because they learned everything in the first class. My SIL is looking for a class right now around here, and there's nothing, because she doesn't like learning with YouTube videos (which I love). You go, girl!!!

  8. I would love to learn how to crochet someday. I think $10 would be very fair, and I agree with the above comments to charge in advance for the four week session. Good luck! You are the busiest person I know! (And very inspiring for me to get things done around my house!)


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