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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Think about it Sunday

Its fall! My favorite holiday is coming up too and I cannot wait to start decorating! (I have to wait until October 1 lol!) So this has got me thinking HARD about what we are doing this year for costumes! I have to admit, I LOVE to make costumes! Last year I told DH he was allowed to choose ANYTHING he wanted to be- he chose to be Darth Mal from Star Wars-

He also got to choose what the baby dressed as- he chose a Lion!

As for me? I wore an old dance costume from 6th grade, and I didnt get a picture lol.

So this year I need some ideas! I need to know what you think we would look good in! In fact, I am making this a contest! The winner gets a custom made crochet hat, any color combo, any size! And there are 3 of us, so there can be up to 3 winners! I have an *idea* of what I would like Ray Ray to be, but not a clue about the rest of us! So HELP us out! Leave me your ideas!

Also, are you the mom who dresses up? What kind of candy do you give out? How do you decorate? I want to hear it all!


  1. Hmmm, Raggedy Andy, Anne, and baby? I don't do the costumes in our house, because my husband's become a tradition. He did make me a costume once, Raggedy Anne, hence the suggestion!

  2. I have always wanted to dress up as the Empire State Building and dress my baby up as Godzilla or King Kong, so when I hold him, it looks like he is climbing...never got around to doing it though, so you should!

  3. One year we went as a roll in the hay-red lipstick kises on the husband's face and straw sticking out of our hair and clothes. It was awesome and we got a great reaction.
    I actually met Bobby at a Halloween party-I didn't have a costume so I wore a white kitchen garbage bag over my clothes and went as white trash...I think I even won an award for it. :)
    We carve pumpkins and go to our ward's trunk or treat. I also like to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    This year I am dressing up my son as Super Man mid change. He has a super man t shirt that he will wear with a white button up over it (unbuttoned of course) and a tie. I am looking for nerdy glasses that will fit an 18 month old.

  4. I'm one of those people who always has the best of intentions, then never follows through. We've had lots of great ideas, but I'm so not crafty! You could go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, your husband could be the Lion/scarecrow/tinman/wizard, and the baby could be Toto!

    My daughter is getting baptized on Halloween, so she wants to be an angel. Little sister wants to be an angel too. So naturally, the baby is going to be the devil, horns and all.

  5. i am not a good holiday person. actually a horrid one so this is really hard for me to think of. love the emprire state bldg and godzilla one too cool
    hummmmm.......chucky, bride of chucky and baby chucky that is too twisted for your lovely lil lady
    luke skywalker, princess leah and R2D2? but that is going over to the good side.
    see trying to get a theme going here. if one comes to me i will come back and expound on it. til them surprise me!

  6. I always think it is cute to dress up as a are some of my ideas. Thing 1, Thing 2 and Cat in the hat; Cave people; Hot dog, hamburger, and french fries; Fly swatter and flies (this one would be funny to make the baby the fly swatter and you and your hubby the flies!); pac man, ms. pac man and a ghost.

  7. I definantly think you should dress as a family. That's all I've got this early. I cannot wait to see the pics though. I'll keep thinking on it.

  8. Goldie locks - ray ray
    the three bears, you two be bears and then have her carry one.

    I dont know what A is going to be I have J's already.

    we dont dress up because chris refusses too he's a party ppooper!

  9. I love when families dress up for Halloween as a group. One year my family did the Flintstones. So you could be Wilma, your husband Fred and your daughter Pebbles.

  10. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your baby is adorable! I love the lion costume!

  11. You could be "The Incredibles" family. You could be the stretchy mom, your hubby could be Mr. Incredible, and baby can be Jack-Jack.


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