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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday-

SO today I am going to do this a little different. I want to hear your opinions and comments! As Christmas is getting closer DH and I have decided to have a 90% hand made Christmas! (I say 90% because I am fairly sure he will not be making anything lol hahaha!) Anyway, I already have a few things figured out for my sisters and moms, as well as a couple things for my baby and nieces, but I want some oppinions of what yoru favorate hand made gifts have been. This is going to save us SO much money, because I have 2 huge bins FULL of yarn to be used (hats, booties, scarfs, toys ect...) as well as a bunch of leftover fabrics that need to be used (blankets, bags, crayon holders, felt food ect....) So what else? What are you guys doing for Christmas gifts? There is one big gift that I plan on purchasing, (or convincing someone else to purchase hint hint lol haha) Which is a little fisher price type table and chairs set for the kids! Wouldnt that be SO fun? We had one when I was a little girl and I LOVED it! Anyway, leave me your ideas!


  1. I wish I was talented enough to make items for christmas. I think we have addie done and nothing else for anyone thank goodness for clearance.

    I do think homemade items are the bomb I have SIL's gifts planned and something for a MIL and a GMIL

    I also like to do pictures for the grandparents... like MY grandparents so great greats etc because they always have too much crap anyway LOL
    and pics are cheap!

  2. My mom gave me a doll when I was four. But more exciting than that, she made all the clothes, diapers and even a little moses basket for it. I remember that as the most magical of Christmases.

    My grandmother made me an afgan one year that I treasure.

    This yeat I really want a shall but I can't seem to find a pattern that I like.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm not sure what we are doing for Christmas presents, yet. We are going to make ornaments (crafting from metal & beads) as a family as part of the gift we give our relatives.

  4. I've been making lots of freezer jam this summer and putting in it washed, reused baby food jars. We will give these, decorated with scraps of fabric to cover the lid, as gifts to my husband's coworkers and our neighbors. I will also be making some scrapbooking calendars with pictures for the grandparents. They love this. I love homemade because it's personal and so much cheaper! It also reminds us of what the reason for the season is- giving and loving, not material things.
    Oh, and it's not totally homemade but we will be starting 72 hour kits for all out siblings, using bags bought at thrift stores.

  5. Wow I have not thought that far just yet. I am not sure what we will do yet. I love the table idea I would like one of those for my little one also.

  6. Sheesh, that's like 4 months away! You planner, you! Ummm. Uh. I think maybe I'll go with the old "lets pick a charity instead of giving gifts!" so I can get out of shopping this year!

  7. Umm..."kidS"? Meaning, more than one child?

    Is there something you would like to share with your readers, ma'am?


  8. We'll be doing a lot of homemade stuff, too. I'm making and canning salsa from the vegetables in our garden. My dad loves my salsa, so they'll be getting a couple jars of that. Also, my mom said she wanted some cloth shopping bags...I made a bunch of them from cheap fabric we picked up from a rummage sale and I have enough to make like 40 more bags so we may make 5 per family. They're really cute kiddie fabrics, too! And I'd love to crochet some fun stuff if I have time. We also love to make breads!

    Oh and I think making, painting, etc. the table would be even more memorable! :)

  9. You are so talented - I have no crafty skills at all. I have some beautiful quilts my step mom has made for me that I love - they are beautiful enough for display, but also nice an cozy. She made herself a purse and matching wallet recently and I am going to hint that she makes me one too :) Homemade things are always the best!

  10. I'm doing partially handmade too this year...I am making, with my newfound sewing machine skills, a comforter for our bed--DH has been griping about wanting one. We'll see how it turns out...

    I'm also making jewelry and baked goods for nearby friends.

    in answer to your question, I love blankets, personally, and think it's a great gift for anyone, especially crocheted ones, since it takes so long and it actually means something.

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  12. i do cookies dozens of cookies and jams and breads
    last year 64 dz cookies, 48 jars of jam and 30 loaves of bread

  13. Hi Josie,

    Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I am making a lot of my christmas gifts as well this year. Hats and scarfs for the nieces. Scrapbooks for the grandparents. Jars of canned goods and mini recipe books of my favorite recipes made out of little brag book photo albums (from the $1 Store) for the service providers (teachers, daycare etc). Oh and my favorite thing I make almost every year are calendars. I make them out of the $1 Pocket Planners and just scrapbook the outside of the planner and put the clear cover back on. I love the shopping bag idea. Hope that helps. Have fun crafting.


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