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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tutorial- easy and cheap gift for any kid!

Looking for something to keep your kids entertained, save a few bucks and gift to all your kids buddies? Well I have the idea for you! I am going to show you how to make chunky rainbow crayons! I plan on making these for all the kids in the neighborhood for Christmas!

All you need to complete this project is a box of crayons, (on sale for $0.30 at Walmart! GO STOCK UP while they are still there!) an oven, and a muffin tin! SO easy and SO much fun! Your kids can totally help you along the way too! (I would recommend either an old muffin tin or some of those baking cups because it will leave some wax! Also paper cups work but differently! lol Obviosly not in the oven.)
Step #1- Preheat your oven to the highest temperature it will go, I did mine at 525 and it was plenty hot, Im sure even 400 would be ok!
Step #2- WHile the oven is heating up you are going to peel your crayons. The easiest way to do this is to have the adult take a sharp knife with a point and scour the paper all the way down. (Crayons have a gluey thing holding the paper on for some of them, and it can become a NOT FUN process if you try to just peel them all!) Once the paper is scoured just peel it off and discard it!
Step #3- Once all the crayons are un wrapped, you are going to break them into little pieces. You will take the pieces and drop them into the muffin tin, seperating the colors but letting them go where they want to. Each chunky crayon will be completely different! That is half the fun of it!
Step #4- Turn the oven off and pop the tin in there. It will be hot enough that you will need to check it after less than 5 minutes. When the wax is all completely melted, take the tin carefully out of the oven and set it to cool off. Make sure it is completely cool, I left mine overnight, but have heard you can throw it in the freezer for 1/2 hour!

Step #5 Carefully pop the chunky crayons out of the tin. Make sure they dont smack too hard on the counter because they may break!

Step #6 Enjoy! To gift you can wrap in some tissue paper or saran wrap. Kids of ALL ages will love these and they took you next to no work and cost less than $0.07 a piece!


  1. :) so much fun. I need large paper like that!

  2. Its a poster board! Perfect because it is heavy duty AND its harder to color on the floor!

  3. WOW Fun! I ahve done this before! It is great. Save all your short crayons and use them up this way. Alos so much easier for little onees to hold and color with.

    Thanks Josie

  4. most newpaper offices have tons of paper left and will give it away newspaper is great for coloring on or fingerpaints too!

  5. That looks really fun :D I'm 17, but still, haha.


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