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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday and randomness

Sorry I have been slow lately, I havnt had the motivation to do much of anything lately haha- So today I was thinking for Crunchy Tuesday we should do a recipe swap that involves fall veggies. Squash, pumpkins, carrots and onions are just a few of the very plentiful veggies in season right now and everyone could use a few new ideas- so leave one if you have one!

On a side note- if you want to enter your kids/self/SO in the halloween costume contest send me an email to and I will get them up after I get a few more!

So as I was thinking about the fall veggies I decided to chuck our carved pumpkins. We have one each that DH and I carved and then there was one he stuck a big pumpkin welcoming sign lawn thing into, and it was looking a little wet where it was sitting. So I grabbed the top of that one and one of the carved ones and headed to the garbage. I made it to the 2nd apartment past ours in our 6plex and what do you know, the bottom fell out of the stick one. I frantically tried to scoop the contents back in because it was right on said apartment's front step! As I am doing so about 10 HUGE and very scary looking spiders came running out AGH! The mold, the hotness of the rot and the nastyness.... oh my goodness, I am sure you can only imagine! SO happy late Halloween neighbors... uh, Sorry bout that!


  1. Your pumpkin story sounds awful and gross! The spiders sound like the worst part to me! Yuck! I'll be thinking about some recipes with fall veggies...what a good idea. I like to stir fry squash, zucchini, onions, and red peppers and serve them over (or with) pasta alfredo...kind of like a pasta primavera dish. I've also seen the dinner in a pumpkin idea, but I don't have a recipe for it.

    P.S. Your baby looked SOOOOO adorable as Minnie Mouse! I loved it! :)


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