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Friday, November 27, 2009

Im so thankful!

We had a great thanksgiving and I hope you did too! We just ate with my parents and family and then stopped by the big family party on our way home. We ate too much and had a great time! Best of all, we came home and put up our Christmas! This is BY FAR my favorite thing about the day after Thanksgiving! DH and I bought a tree and all the lights the year before we got married and I am SO thankful we did, because we have pretty much been broke ever since! HAHA. Its just a fairly barren fake tree that we spend hours wrapping lights around and some silver balls and all the ornaments are hand made! Most are wooden and painted by me, some are made by friends and a few extra special ones we bought! Each year I try to get a special orniment for each of us- some times it works, some times not so much! (They are SO expensive!) But one of our favorate parts that makes our tree special is the awesome, working steam train that runs around the track around our tree, tooting and blowing toxic smoke into the air! SO fun and the baby LOVES it! She didnt get a nap last night so she got put to bed before we even started putting up the tree. We thought- "hey, she will LOVE this, lets go wake her up and show her!" NOT a good idea! She hated it and screamed until she was back in bed, where she instantly fell back to sleep..... But she loved it this morning when she woke up! :)

We dont do black Friday- too many people, too much camotion and it just doesnt even sound fun! So today we have been putting up more Christmas and relaxing as a family! Pandora sure makes a great "Country Christmas" station! :)

Heres hopeing you and yours had a great Thanksgiving and that you are getting ready for the holidays to come!


  1. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I can't deal with Black Friday either...can't take the crowds.

  2. Sounds pretty, but I can't figure out where you put the tree in your living room. I will have to stop by and see it one day.


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