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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Think about it Sunday- whats for dinner?

As a little girl we had a roast for Sunday dinner EVERY week. Each week the same, roast, carrots and some kind of potatos. I switched from liking carrots to hating them, and the same with the other components of the meal- it gets kind of old EVERY Sunday. Then when I got older we would rotate between Turkey Breast, Turkey Steak ( anyone had one of THOSE before?!?) And roast. I pretty much swore I wouldnt make my family eat roast on Sundays, but I have come to the conclusion that it is the quickest and best meal to pop into the crock pot in the morning and be ready to eat when we get home from church- so this is what we eat most Sundays! hehe, or else it isnt anything special! I like having a good meal for my family, and I like having meat for sandwiches for DH's lunch for the rest of the week too! Today I made roast with carrots drenched in season salt and splashed with orange juice. Then I made twice baked potatos too. DD liked them out of the bowl, which is SO weird because she has not liked potatos one time in her life that I have tried to feed them to her! But DH refused to eat them once they were done because "they smell weird". It makes me mad I try sometimes! lol
I was suprised and happy to see that the baby ate EVERYTHING (ok, not the potato on her plate, but in the bowl!) She ate all the meat and all the carrots on her plate! YIPEE!

So what do you have for Sunday dinner at your house? What did you eat when you were growing up for Sunday dinner? Have any big family traditions that involve Sunday's or Sunday dinner? Lets hear them! Make a seperate blog post and link up, or just leave me a comment!

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  1. We had a lunch instead. My husband had to work tonight...


    I tagged you!

    Are you going to continue the wed challenges? or no?

  3. No Sunday dinner memories here and our Sundays are so packed between church, small group, and youth activities - all good, but not leanding themselves to a big weekly meal. Your meal looked delish and it's always so great when our kids appreciate what we have made.


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