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Monday, November 23, 2009

My friend Callie could use your help!

My friend Callie Robbins has been giving the AMAZING chance of a lifetime to win a FREE lapband surgery from the surgical weight loss center of Utah. She is a young mother of an almost 1 year old little girl and she knows how much this will change her life! I told her I would pass some info on to you and ask you for your help in helping cast your vote for her win! She is in the lead right now, but every single vote counts! Can you even imagine what winning something like this could do for someones life?!?!? Here is a word from Callie so you can read a little about her! There is also a little bio about her on the website! VOTE NOW You can vote every day!

From Callie-
First of all, I'm going to throw my pride out the window and ask you to throw your judgements out as well. I am in need of your help to try and win a contest of great importance to me.

About 2 weeks ago I entered a contest online for a Free Lap Band Surgery from the Weight Loss Center of Utah. I have been selected from over a thousand applicants as a finalist.

I have struggled with my weight for the last 10 years and took this opportunity to hopefully have an aid for a permanent solution. I know that not everyone agrees with the use of surgery as a "solution" to weight problems. I however, know myself well enough that I need something to somewhat FORCE me to get my weight under control.

I don't need this surgery to be happy, because I'm a very blessed person and already have joy in my life. The choices that got me where I am today are my own and are my responsibility. I don't see this as an easy way out, but something that is going to give me determination and dedication to get healthy, for me and for my family.

I'm asking for your support and petitioning your votes. I would greatly appreciate it. You can vote once a day. Please vote EVERY DAY!!!


Callie Robbins


  1. I voted. You are a good friend Josie..Looks like Callie is doing well in the vote department..i will continue to vote.

  2. I voted again when I saw michelles email! I twittered it twice too, you can twitter it and fb it right from their website with one click then add your text VOTE for callie!!!


  3. voted and want to know the follow up on how this goes


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