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Friday, November 20, 2009

It sucks to be poor!

Seriously.... I hate it! Christmas is going to be such a bust this year- but that is ok- we will make it work! I have some awesome things in the works for hand made gifts, but time, time, time..... I have finished my homework and I am now working on an externship and then I will be able to move onto employment! Only problem is that I have to do 100 hours of work by December 15... that is A LOT, especially with a husband, daughter, 2 buisnesses, orders, demands, house work, visiting, driving DH to and from..... yikes- it is going to be quite the complicated process! Not to mention one of the main things I need to make my externship easier is NOT working and it is driving me NUTS and making everything at least 200% harder... so lets hope I figure it out soon! And we just found out that not only do we have to house sit for DH's boss's animals for the next 9 days, (driving 5 miles there and back twice a day) we are also not getting paid for this AT ALL.... uh..... who does THAT? Also, DH was told her got Thanksgiving because he has to work Halloween, Christmas AND Newyears- well he found out this morning they lied! So he is NOT happy, and there goes my babysitter! :(

So on to the fun stuff- I am going to do a stocking tutorial as well as a advent callender tutorial this weekend, so be on the look out for that! As for now, I am going to try to come up with a list of things I am going to make this year for our homemade Christmas-
DD- Alphabet magnets, Doll, crochet stuffies, crochet play food, new dress, new quilt for bed, chalkboard mat.
DH- New scrubs? Pillow case, remote control caddy, And now I will be looking online the rest of the day because that is a pretty pitiful list for him! HAHAHAHA

SO what are you making or getting the fam this year. I expecially need ideas for DH!


  1. Ughhh I hear you. I sure will keep you in my thoughts. I totatlly understand where you are coming from. One income and trying to go to school, but it will all work out in the end.
    Good luck

  2. I am not sure if we are getting anything this year for each other. I just want to do stuff for my little one.

  3. We decided to only do three gifts this year for each of our girls. We figure Jesus got 3 gifts, so that was a good number and will help keep Christmas more Christ centered. My husband and I have not exchanged gifts with each other since our first Christmas together. At first it was because we simply didn't have the money, but we've found that the presents don't matter and it makes the season so much more fun and less stressful when not trying to find the perfect gift.

  4. I know this is not helpful. I was just thinking today how glad I am that my babies daddy and I are split, men are so difficult to buy for.

  5. gave my DH homemade coupons one year. each one was for something just for it be a bubble bath, time in front of tv with out any inturruption, (dang cant spell) or don't have to take out the trash card. He could pull them out anytime he wished. of course some cards were just "for us" you know! wink wink

  6. This is just a season and when it is through you will be in a much better place. Hugs. I have no clue what anyone is getting - seriously, I am in big trouble here.

  7. I'm makng these super cute cookie mix in a jar from Bakerella. They're called Cowgirl Cookies but you could make them Christmasy. The only cost would be the jars and the ingredients. You can use Christmas M&Ms and scrapbooking embellishments too.

    I also have been saving everything that I have been reviewing on my blog and using them as gifts. So far I only need to buy 2 presents. We are pooor college students too so the good thing is that no one thinks we can afford Christmas!

  8. Sorry about the stress doesn't sound fun.
    Idea: no clue sorry
    We are the same spot for christmas. love bug gets 3 gifts (besides the things we have you making) we already got over the past few months since Chris is only getting 57 hours a checkish. piglet doesn't have a thing... I want at least one thing for her and that one thing fell through:( Hubs and I are skipping eachother this year and yeah we have a budgeted amount for family I have been putting money aside for months for but it's pretty small so each person gets not much. If it makes you feel better don't bother getting Chris or I gifts. :) we will be ok without them. AND remember ray ray won't know any better this year so take it easy!
    Also I know you said you don't win giveaways but think if you did you could use those as gifts. So enter ones with 150entries or less, watch for low followers on the blogs you enter, and do every entry you can! :)

    oh and shop black friday!



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