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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mom contest #2

The winner of mom contest #1 was Brandy at The Buzz . So now we are on to the next mom contest. This contest is called- "How fast can you change a diaper"? SO here are the rules- (I need to explain a bit better so no one gets confused....)
#1. This contest is to see who can change a baby the fastest. Dont have a baby, well you can practice on someone elses baby, a doll, or wait until next week! :)
#2. You will need a stop watch or clock of some sort- we want accuracy here people!
#3. Diaper change must start with pants on and end with pants on. meaning you take pants completely off, take off old diaper, put on new diaper and put pants back on. Once pants are back on you stop your time!

Lets see who can do this the fastest! Make sure to leave a comment and your post link in McKlinky so we can all come see how you did! Contest ends at 12 midnight next Tuesday night!

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  1. oh thank goodness for potty training
    dang just missed this one

  2. Well if it is a messy one it may take a bit longer..

  3. Just saw this post. I think that's a fun one, I think maybe i'll have chris video it and I can put up my first VLOG.


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