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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday- mostquito Repelent

Tis the season! I found out the hard way this week that Mosquito's do not care if you have a long sleaved shirt or pair of Levi's on- they will bite you anyway! SInce DD just turned 17 months old, I still dont feel good about putting toxic chemicals on her skin- I hate the fact that after running that stuff on you cant even kiss your kid! SO I have been on the look out for some green alternatives to the standard, deet filled sprays and wipes! (First off I personally think wipes are much better because none of that junk gets in their lungs!)

My MIL swears by Listorene. She thinks it is the best stuff ever. I admit that it works, but DH hates the smell of it and refuses to wear it! All you do it put mouth wash into a spray bottle and spritz it on!

While looking online for healthier choices I found THIS website, which has some great recipes! This is what it says-

Natural Mosquito Repellent Ingredients

If you are making large amounts of mosquito repellent, a good rule of thumb is to mix the repellent so it's 5-10% essential oil, so mix 1 part essential oil with 10-20 parts carrier oil or alcohol.

For a smaller batch use:
  • 10-25 drops (total) of essential oils
  • 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil or alcohol
The essential oils that work well against mosquitoes are:
  • cinnamon oil
  • lemon eucalyptus oil
  • citronella oil
  • castor oil
Safe carrier oils and alcohols include:
  • olive oil
  • sunflower oil
  • any other cooking oil
  • witch hazel
  • vodka

Natural Mosquito Repellent Recipe

Mix the essential oil with the carrier oil or alcohol. Rub or spray the natural insect repellent onto skin or clothing, using care to avoid the sensitive eye area. You'll need to re-apply the natural product after about an hour or after swimming or exercise. Unused natural insect repellent may be stored in a dark bottle, away from heat or sunlight.

I am goign to try some tonight! Do you make your own? Please share your experience and recipes!


  1. We don't make our own, but I definitely think I will give it a try now.

  2. vodka HA HA HA. I haven't tried any we don't have much bugs... I have wanted to try listorine... does it make you sticky?

    Look how cute these are!

    ummmmmm......... I think this is a funny post after your FB status.

  3. I think you can use mouth wash also.

  4. I make my own. I just use water and mix in 20 drops each of peppermint, eucalyptus, citronella, and tx cedar wood EO' works and smells great. Although, when you are pregnant, you are supposed to stay away from peppermint, citronella, and cedar wood, so I am looking into other options while I am pregnant!

  5. There was just a published article that if you take Vitamin B it deters mosquitos. For adults you can buy vitamin B and just take one, for kids it works if you use a multi-vitamin just make sure there is Vitamin B in it. mason used to get eaten alive adn I hate sprays, so i found a vitamin with B in it and now he still gets a few, but at least 75% less than before. I take it and Scott does also adn we don't get bites at all, and believe me in Millville we are swarmed with mosquitos.

  6. I look forward to your review. Thankfully, we do not live in an area with a mosquito problem. However, when we camp we usually just go for the Deet (wipes are way better). My ds-13 is going to Africa in a few weeks and we not only are sending him with Jungle Juice (I think it is 100% deet), but we are soaking some of his clothing in Premetharin (part of his journey takes him through a rain forest).

    I would prefer something natural, but when malaria is a very real possibility, I have to go with the tried and true methods.

    Have you seen the new product that is a fan you clip onto your clothing? I hear that works, but it is Deet too.

  7. This is cool! I already have several of those essential oils, hmmmm. Wonder what it would cost to get the rest. Once you're bit, a bit of lavender oil on a bandaid will take the sting out some, and if your munchkin has already dug a whole in their arm or leg trying to scratch the bit away, lavender will help there too.

  8. I had read a review about one from Zosimos Botanicals that I wanted to try-- even if you didn't want to purchase, the ingredients list might help you decide what you'd put in your own recipe:

    From the

    Thankfully, Zosimos Botanicals can help turn you back into an earth angel with its all-natural insect repellents and ointment.

    The local skin care and cosmetics line includes gentle, chemical-free bug sprays and salve from plant-based raw ingredients. And they’re handcrafted in small batches to control the quality.

    Try the Bug-Away Spray, with citronella, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar, or the Brazilian Rainforest Spray that’s got eucalyptus, bergamot, and andiroba oil. And if you weren’t quick enough with the spray, you can soothe bites with the Sting Salve, made from lavender, German chamomile, wintergreen, and helichrysum.

    They come in both large bottles and pocket size, so you can always be protected.

    After all, nature’s calling.

    Available online at

  9. Let us know how it turns out. I blogged about mosquito repellents for kids last summer and am still not totally happy with what I've found. We recently bought a totally "green" kids mosquito repellent that doesn't do a thing. My kids all came home last week covered in bites. However, I do understand that mosquitoes hate garlic. Haven't looked it up in any legitimate medical studies, but it wouldn't surprise me. Lots of people take some raw garlic each day (either in pill form or just a couple pieces of a clove) and it comes out your pores. Lucky for me, I love garlic. Not too sure about the kiddos.

    Have a great day!


  10. My mom says that dryer sheets are supposed to repel mosquitos. She rubs one on her arms and then sticks it in her pockets. She swears it works, but I'm not so sure! :)


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