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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Think about it Sunday

Before my husbands grandfather died they were on a really big family history kick and trying to get a book put together. He worked and worked on this book, never letting up on people to get their history in! When he died in 2007 the work kind of slipped by the wayside and is just now being picked up. As I was looking through what we had written last time the book was edited I was a bit surprised. It told things about our engagement and such and was written before we were married. So much has changed since then! The past 3-4 years have just been a world win! So thinking about all this made me ask my self what I am doing in my daily life to remember all the memories and special things that happen?

I try to blog on our personal family blog every other day or more. I try to take pictures each day of what the baby is wearing, learning and doing. It has been a really fun way for me to keep track of the daily going ons as I used to be so good at keeping a journal in my younger years. I really enjoy blogging and it is a good way for family who is spread throughout the state to get to see what we are up to too! About a year ago a cousin turned me on to the website blurb. You go on there, download the program, and then it slurps your blog right onto the program and into a book! The book can then be moved around and fixed to be the way you like it, and then published for like $40-$80! The last one I got was a 8X10 with almost 400 pages and I think it only cost maybe $85! You could not even get all those pictures developed for that much- let alone have the text and a hard cover bound book! We LOVE our blog books, and I am currently almost done making our 3rd! They are so fun and a family keepsake for sure! Best of all, once you have ordered 1 copy it saves the book on their website, so someday when you decided you want a copy for your kids, you can order it on the spot! I highly recomend this web site to everyone!

So what do you do to keep your family's history?


  1. This is very interesting. I may have to check it. Right now I just take pictures. I need to start a book though.

  2. Thanks for sharing...I have heard of "this" being an option, but didn't realize it was so affordable. Many thanks!

  3. What a fab idea, and your shop is beautiful off to have a better look...

  4. I'd never heard of that. It looks like a great keepsake and gift idea.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my books... yours are cute, Idont have that option for layouts for the outside of the book like that, I wish I did. mine are a smaller size book.

    Don't forget to enter the giveaway and blog about it so people can say Josie sent them and you can win... (and share with me)

  6. How is Bailey doing???? What did the doctors say about her blood work?


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