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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I was tagged.... here goes!

10 foods I cant live without!
1. Mac and Cheese (kraft or homemade!)
2. Broccoli cheese soup
3. Salad with lots of different greens
4. Oreos
5. MIL's ritz fried chicken (To DIE for good!)
6. Ego waffles
7. String cheese
8. Cottage cheese
9. Alfredo
10. Chocolate (that's a food group right?)

I tag all y'all! Please leave a comment if you do this! It will be fun to see what you like!

(Things im working on coming later today when I have time to take a picture!)


  1. If chocolate is not a food group it definitely should be! I think that's my favorite thing!

  2. Hello! I love your blog because, well, I'm a poor college student trying to raise a baby! :)

    And, yes, chocolate is a very important food group. That's why its at the top of the food triangle!

  3. i would totally put alfredo on everything if i could...and that, my friend, is why i don't have any in the house!

  4. I think I may do this on Saturday. I will let you know. I love Mac and Cheese also.

  5. You and me could get along Great!! I too love them all!

  6. LOL.. Mac and cheese is a number one here for our newest little girl..yet her mom says she can NOT have it..and apparantly has nver given it to her before..

  7. I wanna play but maybe not today.
    did you get your new items in your etsy shop?

  8. OH OH OH I forgot I want you to do a tutorial on a flower ribbon bow... I will send you a link if you need one because I wanna learn how to make them!


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