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Friday, July 17, 2009

Not a good day for being cheap.....

Oh Summer..... It is SOOOOO hot here! 106 and sand for ground and it is just smoldering! I dont know what it is about the hotness, but I think it really makes peoples fuses short and tempers bad! It has been a terrible day already...

DD has had a mosquito bite on her arm for about 2-3 weeks now, and this morning she woke up and there was a bright red ring around it, with a skin colored ring around that, and then a red ring around that, and it is hot.... SO my first thought is the cat she has been with gave her ring worm. So I start freaking out and make DH call the nurses station. They tell us that they cant give any advice and that we need to bring her in if we are worried.

So of course I had just put her down for a nap, and of course they wanted to see her in 20 minutes. So in 10 minutes I wake her up and get her in the car. I try to take the short cut, but it ended up taking me back a road and onto the same road I 'should' have taken.... Oh well. So we get there and wait and get in quick and all is fine. As soon as the nurse starts to check her temp the baby starts screaming though- no good at all.

SO after about 10 minutes the dr. comes in, but not any dr. I had ever seen! She asks whats going on and I tell her about the bite. She looks at it, but doesnt touch the baby or the bump. She says, "has she been anywhere where they are ticks?" I say no. She says "Oh, I have no idea what it is then. I will be back in a few minutes." So she is gone for at least 40 minutes when she pops her head back in and says "I cant find what it is, so I am going to ask another dr. to come look." GOOD a second opinion I am thinking. After another almost half hour and the poor baby is pushing and pulling me towards the door screaming "go, go, go!" And then throwing herself on the ground when I sit back down...... AHHHHHH! SO FINALLY the dr. comes back in and says- well "I think she has lyme disease, but he (apparently meaning the dr who never actually came in to see us....) Doesnt want to give antibiotics, so you will have to go get a blood test."

WHAT THE FREAKIN CRAP?!?! First off how do you just asume that she has lyme disease? Second, you didnt even touch the kid! Oh I was MAD, but I complied and took baby over to the hospital next door to have a blood test.....

We walk in and all 3 of the apointments that had been before us at the dr. office are in line waiting at the lab.... that is a bit strange..... So after waiting 20 minutes we get in there and there is a big burly lady who says "well I am the only one here, so you will have to hold her down" and proceeds to get her stuff ready. So I sigh and lay the poor little girl down, and she instantly starts screaming. So the lady ties on the rubber band and pokes her. She is really mad, but not as mad as I expected, she is still just laying there, not squirming or anything. The lady cant find a vein though and is littereally SAWING the poor babys arm in and out, in and out with the needle! After about 2 entire minutes she takes the needle out, undoes the rubber band and says, "well, I better try the other side." ARGH! So she then preps the other side, and by this time little one is trying to rip the bandaid off the one arm and the rubber band on the other- oh it was sad! Then she rolled her arm for a while and pricked her again. Baby is SCREAMING by this time and luckily the lady got some blood and in about 2 minutes we were on our way- with baby girl completely wiped out screaming and having 2 red bandages tied to her arms.

We will get the results on Monday-

Anyone else want to bet a milkshake she does NOT have lyme disease.... I am so mad at myself that I made her go through all that!

I figured they would just give her an ointment..... Next time, I am waiting a few days!


  1. Oh Josie, I am so sorry you and your baby had to go through that. I hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

    Get some Tea Tree oil (also called melaluca (sp?) oil) and put that on the bite. It helps my sons mosquito bites plus, I have used it to treat my daughters ring worm. It helped right away. Ring worm is just a fungus, not an actual worm. Anyways, the oil is very useful for skin problems.

  2. My heart hurts for you and her just reading about this. Poor thing! I hope she's all right.

  3. Oh man! That is crazy! Your poor baby girl. I hope they find out what is wrong with her and I certainly hope it's not lyme disease!

  4. Aww...poor baby, and baby's mommy! I hope she doesn't have lyme's disease! Hopefully you all figure it out soon!

  5. Poor little girl!

    I do not like it when doctors take forever like that. It's a good thing you did get her checked though as a ring around the bite is typical for lymes.

    Let us know the results!

  6. I totally hope she does not have Lyme Disease. That doctors office sounds awful - no way they should have kept you waiting that long for any reason - it would have taken another doc 2 minutes to come in and look.

  7. Ok, I would be BUGGED, I would have yelled at someone or cried more like me right now. Anyway I would be mad too just jumping to Lyme disease... *shrug* dont know I would internet search stuff in the meantime, but I hope it's nothing serious just a bug bite that she had a bad reaction too. Keep us posted, XOXOX

  8. Oh Josie, I am so sorry, that is awful. I am sure the results will be normal. It is so hard to be a strong mom when they are poking and hurting our babies. Stay strong.

  9. I totally feel for you. I can't stand incompetant doctors who are in too much of a hurry to actually talk to you, and I also can't stand phlebotomists who don't know how to draw on babies. They shouldn't "practice" on little ones. I am sure she is fine. At least it is in a place you can see the bite and knew to take her to the doctor, the kids that get really sick are the ones who have bites like that in places that mommies don't look at often. Remember to look up.

  10. ARGH! It sounds like a horrible day. I'm so sorry. It's really just awful!

  11. Oh, poor thing!!! My gosh, what an ordeal. I hope she's ok :( .

  12. I'm sorry you had to go through all that, and your little one too! How frustrating! Hope her bite goes away soon.


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