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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Think about it Sunday

How much makeup do you actually wear?

I always see fashion ambush shows where they tell them there is no reason not to weat makeup, but I guess I have opposite feelings. All I wear is eyeliner under my eyes and mascara- thats it! So what do you wear?

See ya tomorrow morning! :)


  1. For quick make up job, I just need mascara and lip gloss. But If I'm going somewhere nice, I like to wear mascara, eyeliner, and gloss. I never wear foundation or powder and blush makes me look like a rosy tomato. Haha!

  2. going out i may put it on
    otherwise none
    every now and then i think of mascara and lipstick but that is a rarity in itself
    i always wanted to be one of those pretty put together women but never made it

  3. no comment, other than I was running late today so I threw on some mascara and that's all. LOL


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