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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Think about it SUnday

Hi all! I made it through the relay alive! It was AMAZING! All the work and sweat and tears were all worth it! All this mushy family stuff made me think of how fun it is to have a great family that you can lean on. We have had a GREAT weekend full of wonderful family times! First was the relay with my moms entire family, and then we topped off the weekend with a trip down south to hand out with our neice and her mom and daddy! It was great!

So what do your familys do for fun? Do you get along? What do you do for family reunions?


  1. Yeah for making in through what a great walk. My family really does not live close and there are not many of us. When I go home we all just hang out. It is a fun time for sure.

  2. Relay for Life is the best - my sons' Boy Scout troop helps at the event near us every year.

    We live close to most of our family and we just hang out and eat, oops did I say that, when we are together.

  3. I do the same as you Josie, my family had a reunion at the Relay for Life. Okay, so your family is my family, but still it was great.


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