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Monday, July 27, 2009

Totally random Monday

This weekend was filled with rodeo's and way too much time logged in farm town. While we were at the rodeo I was introduced to my all time favorite rodeo event- the HIDE RACE.

Anyone seen one of these?!? It starts with 2 partners, one on a horse, the other decked out in coveralls, gloves and sometimes a helmet. The jist of the race is that the rider of the horse grabs onto a long rope tied to a cow hide. They then race down to the end of the arena where their partner is waiting by a barrel to run as fast as they can, grab onto the rope and then be drug all the way back to the other end of the arena. Sound fun? Well it is absolutly hysterical to watch! Can you imagine the dirt in your mouth, eyes, hair, shirt?

Yep, it is pretty grand! What do you think? What is your favorate rodeo event?


  1. hey, this is sad, but i don't think i have ever been to a rodeo. indiana has them, i'm sure, but i have never been. is it fun or scary? i feel like watching peeps fall off their horses would scare the snot out of me.

  2. LOL - that does sound pretty funny. I have never been to a rodeo, I guess I have really missed out.

  3. I have only been to one rodeo... I couldn't tell you my fav. cause I don't remember.

  4. We live in rodeo country, too so I am familiar with this. They usually only do it at the Ranch Rodeos.


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