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Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy holiday! :)

So today is a big holiday here in Utah- but most of you dont live here so you wouldnt know! hehehehe! It is Pioneer day in Utah filled with parades, fireworks and being in the HOT sun! SO I figured to keep current I would just post a few pictures to keep you entertained! Make sure you check out the rag quilt tutorial a few posts down! I have a ton of cute skirts I will be making this weekend and posting on my site on Monday! Have a great weekend!!

Dont yall take baths in a cooler? hehehehe


  1. I love the cooler idea. When you're hot or dirty you make due!

  2. Have fun... That is a funny picture...

  3. That's too funny. I never thought about it, but I bet my kids would have loved bathing in a cooler.

  4. Hi Josie -- looks like fun!

    I just listed you as one of my 15 winners for a Lovely Blog Award. Come by to pick up your award and to see your name in (my humble)lights. :D


  5. LOL - love the cooler pic. It must have felt very good after such a hot day.

  6. hey that is cool idea a cooler tub great when your out and about and need a quick cool down hope yall had a fun time but utah just does not seem as hot as texas hummm maybe?


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