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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things im working on weekend

SO I realize I missed Thursday, but that is because I was working on big things- Introducing- my brand new line of skirt sets!!!!!
Rodeo set
Purple set
Birthday girl setApple of my eye set

I am REALLY excited about these! They are so fun to make, and little girls look SOOOOO cute in them! And, as soon as I sell a few things (lol) I will be introducing a new line of boys shorts sets with matching shirts! I am really excited about those too! (Dont we all wish we had endless supplies of money....) So make sure you go take a look around my Etsy site- I hope you like what you see! And I have set a goal for myself to make at least 3, hopefully 5 new items for my store EVERY WEEK! So that is really exciting too! :)

I hope you are all having a great weekend! See ya back tomarrow! :)

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  1. hey, tell me about this auction thing you get outfits from too! Those are CUTE


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