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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things Im working on Thursday!

Oh my goodness- this week has been PURE MADNESS! It started off by us moving on Friday 3 1/2 hours away from home for my DH to work, for free, for the vet for the rest of the summer. Of course baby and I followed along- what would we do here all alone anyway? SO anyway- we moved into a strange house- which I am SUPER creaped out about other peoples houses, couches, beds- I mean I have barely been able to start sitting on my MIL couch this past month! (And she is my best friend!) I know it is a completely irrational fear- but still, I hold my breath when I look in peoples fridges (so I dont have to smell them) and I tuck my pants into my socks when I sleep in a strange bed! So anyway- I have been totally out of my element! I finally got all my homework done, and I get an email telling me that if I dont pay for my next part by tomorrow that they will drop me from the program! ReAlLy?!? How nice is that?

So anyway- DH had a bad toothache last night and I finally got him a dentist apointment. He told the dentist it had hurt for 2 years! HOLY COW! Men are so strange that way.... But nothing $2,000 and a root canal wont fix!

So needless to say, I have NOT gotten a ton done- I did a tutu and I cut out and made 1 square for a quilt, and I knitted almost a whole skirty and half a doll! So I guess that is something- but THIS is what I am the most proud of.....

It is 11:15 on Thursday night- I have been planning the relay for life for our family to do this year because our Uncle is in the process of dying from cancer. I have been in charge and working my bum off trying to make everything run smooth and get things done- STRESS! So tonight here I sit, I decided 2 days ago that I was having a bake sell to raise money..... So I am baking..... Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and cinnomon bears, rice krispy treats, chex mix, brownies, lemon bars and last but not least cheesecake cups...... So if anyone will be in Logan Utah this weekend (or knows of anyone who will) please send them up to the USU quad to buy some of my goodies! I am NOT staying up all night to just eat it all myself! hehehehehe!


  1. They all look yummy Josie. I will buy some from you.

  2. Good luck with your walk. The treat look wonderful...

  3. how much is a dozen chocolate chip cookies? Chris would love these! I wish I could eat some I would get cinnamon bears, rice crispies, chex mix (which is now one of my fav. treats thanks to you) brownies oh sweet chocolate, and lemon bars...

    you think I am craving sweets?

  4. I wish I lived nearby - all those goodies sound amazing. Did I read right, work for free?! I sure hope it furthers his studies or career because that is so not helpful when you are poor college students to begin with. Best wishes with your bake sale.

  5. Ugh, I have a total rice krispie treats addiction. I would totally buy the whole tray!

  6. YUM! I LOVE cinnamon bears...and do you know I can't find them here? Utah thing..

    Hey, could you please invite me to your private blog again? It won't let me in!!

  7. Best of luck to you and your team with the Relay for Life event. You're doing something very worthwhile. For a little added inspiration, take a look at this brief video -- -- it's one woman's "aha moment" experienced when she realized the impact that Relay for Life was making. I think you'll enjoy it.


  8. there is something on my blog for you.

  9. Sounds like you've been busy with your Relay for Life, bake sale, moving, and other projects. I'm always so impressed by what you get accomplished! :) Hope you enjoy living in Delta for the rest of the summer.


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