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Monday, January 26, 2009

25 things to get to know me better!

I am going to challenge all you fellow blogger to take this survey and post it to your blog! You can either put the names of people you want to do it at the bottom, or just challenge all of your readers like I am doing. Please cut and paste this to your blog and fill in your own awnsers! Then make sure you leave me a comment so I can go to your blog and learn more about you!!

1. Where do you fall in your family?: I am the oldest of 4 daughters
2. What motivates you to blog?: My silly daugher and all the things I have learned trying to raise her! (Tonight she was obsessed with drinking the water out of the bathtub- silly baby!)
3. What is your current WIP (work in progress)?: My knitted Longies.... haha, and I have some stuff I need to finish for a swap I am doing because I sold all the stuff I had done for it!
4. What are you watching/ listening to right now?: The girls next door.... total trash, I need to turn it!
5. What was the last thing you cooked?: Bowtie pasta with hand made alfredo sauce
6. What was the last thing you read that wasnt online?: Medical Terminology book
7. Who is your best friend?: DH! He is the best hubby I coudl ever ask for!
8. When was the last time you had your hair cut/styled/colored?: Um.... 2 months before Ray Ray was born.... so over a year ago!! wow!
9. name 3 things you did today or 3 places you went: Bernina, Arby's and the post office
10. What is your favorate food and favorate drink?: Motzerella sticks and 3/4 Sprite, 1/4 lemonaide
11. What would you like to be doing right now?: Snuggling my baby, but she doesnt snuggle.... :(
12. Name 2 bad habits you have: Biting my nails, (although it has gotten so much better since Ray was born!) Getting mad over really stupid things
13. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?: I would just love to sew and make things all day and have people buy them! Or work in the Nurshry at the hospital!
14. What are 3 of your favorate movies?: uh... Baby Boom, Runnaway Bride, Pure Country
15. WHat was your nickname as a kid or your nickname now?: Never really had one- my Grandpa called me "Josie- Yama- Huchi" Like Kristy Yamaguchi
16. Name 2 goals you have for the year: To read the baby the book of morman every night while she is in the tub, to be able to send a FO to all of the expecting moms on the diaper showers page on DSD.
17. WHere would you go on a dream vacation?: Hawaii- always wanted to go there!
18. What did you DO in high school?: I was on the drill team, I danced, I ran track very breifly
19. Name something most people dont know about you: I am very shy, but when I warm up to someone I can talk your head right off!
20. WOuld you rather call or text?: For sure text- I dont enjoy talking on the phone, its awkward!
21. Name a regret: Not being able to spend as much time with DD and DH as I want to. Also being quick to judge and develop anger towards people
22. Quick, check your phone, who is the 3rd to last person you talked to?: My mom this morning
23. Whats your favorate type of icecream?: Cookie dough!
24. If you could receive anything in the mail, what would it be?: Something just for me! Chocolates, mama supplies, a bag, anything! lol
25. What was the last thing you purchased?: Fabric! Suprise suprise!

Now its your turn! Leave a comment with your blog on it so I can get to know YOU better!!


  1. 3/4 sprite, 1/4 lemonade? hmmmmm....I've gotta try that - fun post - nice getting to know you

  2. You know, reading the BOM to the little one is a really good idea. I need to start doing that with Dakin.

    I'm in for a bit of fun! I'll do the 25 things. My personal blog is at

    By the by, your family is gorgeous!


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