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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is Plasma all its cracked up to be?

My hubby has been talking about giving Plasma since he heard an ad on the radio when we were first marrried and living in Southern Utah. He never ended up doing it, because he was too busy, and frankly, we didnt need the extra money that badly. So when they started advertising the new Plasma center in our town, his ears perked up and the conversation was on again. I kind of blew it off, didnt think it would really happen.
Well DH has his own idea's about things sometimes, and he has decided he is going to buy a horse. In order to feed his horse, he has it set in his mind that giving Plasma is the way to go....
This morning we loaded up the baby in the car and drove over there. First off, the building is in a strip mall. So we walk in and the place smells like a hospital, looks like a hospital if you look straight ahead, but it was quite hard to ignore the blaring hard rock music and 30 or more people sitting in lines like they are on a bus. He gets all signed in and we sit down. All the people who work there are about 20 and look and act like they have no clue what they are doing. I start to wonder if the theory I told the baby about it being a place for Vampires to get blood is actually real.... SO this creapy looking guy in a white coat walks over, kneels on the seat in front of us and gets really close so he can whisper (it is seriosly so loud in there, why must he wisper!) "You have to take her out, no one under 18 can be in here."
So DH straps Ray Ray into the car seat and I tell him good luck, hope you dont get a disease and off we go- Ray Ray screamed the entire way home.....

SO moral of the story- is going through all this (not to mention the hour of your time it takes to get all that blood out! ) really worth $35? I guess we will see....


  1. Well? Was it? We did it for a few months but it got old pretty fast. Extra cash wasn't bad though.

  2. That's pretty scary...I don't think $35 could talk me into it!


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