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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My name is Josie, and I am an addict......

Its true! I cant even help it! (no, its not to blogging!) I am officially adicted to swapping! HOLY COW! Can you beleive that there are people out there just like me, who want to be able to sell their stuff, but want other peoples stuff, so they swap?!? It is SO AWESOME!!!!

At the present moment I am currently "swapping" with..... 7 swaps.... UTOH! Now the only reason I can admit to that is because even thought DH has read religiously every post on our family blog- he has not read a sentence on this one... hahahahaha!

Today DH said, "Dont take this personally, but wouldnt you rather just go out and buy something nice for the baby instead of wasting all your money on swaps?" Thats when I realised that men just dont get it! Men dont understand that sometimes the highlight of a SAHM's day is going out to check the mail. Sometimes, when it is bills, it can make your day worse- but when it is something just for you, or something you have been waiting for, it can make your whole week!

So today when there was a knock on my door, I RAN to awnser it. This is what I was pleased to find in a little box mailed just for me! (ok, I WISH these would fit me, they are really for DD.... but something I have been waiting for since she was born and I knew they existed!)
Isnt she just the most adorible thing you have ever seen!!!!!!! (No, it wasnt her in the box silly, it was the pants, and a surprise hat, and bib and booties that I wasnt expecting!!)

I LOVE that baby- even more than I love swaps! :)


  1. Those are so adorable! I need some for Ava!

  2. Well.... I think Ava probably knows someone who could make some.... hahahaha

  3. Where do you find your swaps? What are all the kinds of things you swap? I did scrapbook swaps all the time and I'm thinking I would love to do a party kit swap. I host monthly themed dinner parties for 8 different couples in our ward each month. I love it! I would love to swap creative party supplies/games/decor with others who would like to throw a fun party.

  4. I love the makeover! I love the pants ! How fun!
    Seriously about the mail, I enjoy getting stuff... my highlights are samples.. pathetic I know! Anyway I guess I don't love it that much, because I only check the mail like twice a week HA HA


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