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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday banner

Ray Ray's birthday is in 2 weeks. I cannot beleive she will be one already! This year has just flown past! I decided I better get started on her birthday decor. While I was at the Hoby Loby today I saw some paper that I couldnt pass up! I planned on making it out of fabric, but this worked much easier and better. So now all I have to do is laminate it so it lasts more than a few minutes, and tie it together so I can hang it up! If you want to learn how to make this inexpensive birthday decor, keep on reading!


For this project you will need:
5 peices of paterned paper (regular notebook paper size) You can use more or less.
5 peices of plain white cardstock
3 big peices of carstock (I did 3 different colors)

To begin- Take white paper and cut it into 4 1/4 inch squares. I like to use a rotary cutter
Cut the patterned paper into 4 inch squares
Cut the plain colored paper with a pair of fancy edged sissors about 1/4 inch from the egde. One it is completely cut off, cut about 1/4 inch away with a plain pair of scissors and you will end up with 2 peices that are fancy on one side and straight on the other
(Sorry, the picture wont move and it is out of order....)

Cutting the straight edge to make two peices
Use glue to stick the fancy paper onto the edge of the white paper. Cut it off right at the edge- continue with the bottom side SO that the top and bottom have fancy paper on them and are cut at the edge.
Glue the remaining edges and cut so that the edge is somewhat even

Take your 4 inch square of pattened paper and cut the edges right on the edge with fancy scissors
Paste the paterned paper onto the white paper with fancy edges
Trace a letter from a stenil onto the colored paper. Cut out your letter and use an ink pad of a marker to mark the outside edges
Paste your letter onto the paper

Continue with all the remaning letters!
punch holes in the edges and tie together with ribbons or string onto yarn
WHallah!!!!! There you have your very own handmade birthday banner!

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