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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What exactly IS a swap?

I have realised there is a reason that so many people are coming onto the site, but are not signing up for the swap. Most of you have never done a swap, maybe never even heard of it! SO here is my attempt to explain what it is to you and hopefully ease your mind so you will go sign up!

A swap just means that you trade things with your partner. In this particular swap, all you have to do is grab a box, (my new favorate mailing thing is a cereal box turned inside out! It would be the perfect size for this!!) and fill it with 5 of your favorate things! This could be a lipstick, magazine, package of candy, pair of socks and a ball of yarn- the possibilities are endless!!! Basically this is just a fun way for us all to receive a fun little box in the mail! I know I LOVE getting mail, and it is even better when it is something fun and not just bills! If you have kids, I will set you up with someone else who would like something for their kids. You do not have to spend alot of money on this whole thing either! you can do it for less than $10!

It is just really fun, and I know that once you do one, you will understand why some of us are so obsessed with them- they are really a blast!!

If you have ANY other questions, please feel free to email me, I would love to help you any way I can!!

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