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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Play food!

I signed up for a play food swap the other week on a site I praticipate in often. I was really excited, but I had NO idea how I was going to do it, and what I would make! I am not kidding you, I did not sleep at all the night I signed up for it, I was THAT worried about it! SO after some thinking and finally just jumping im, this is what I came up with!

Not only was it SO much easier than I would have expected, but it was so much fun! I am excited to see what I can come up with, I want to make DD a whole set of food by the time she is old enough to play with it! (she just looks at it and throws it right now! haha)
S0 here is how I did it!
-First I got some cardstock and cut out the shapes of what I wanted to make. I made a shape I thought looked like an egg white, a big circle for the pancake, a 1 1/2 inch square for the butter, a small circle for the egg white and some squigly peices for the bacon.
-I took my felt, and traced each peice out. The egg was white felt, you need 2 peices (2 cut outs) per egg. The egg yolk is yellow felt, again you need 2 peices. The pancake was tan felt, you need 2 peices each again. The butter is yellow felt, you only need 1 peice. The bacon is brown felt, 1 peice per bacon strip
To Make the Egg-
Put egg whites together as closely as possible to matching. Sew around entire outside edge. (Felt does not fray so it doesnt matter how far in you go!) Once the entire edge is sewn assemble the egg yolk. Put the two peices of yolk together as closely as possible. Place yolk on top of egg. Sew around the yolk, leaving about 2/3 inch open to stuff. Get your tweezers and stuff yolk with fiberfill- you really only need a little bit to make it bulge! Once it is stuffed, stitch the opening closed.
Your done! Easy isnt it!!!
To Make the Bacon-
This is the easiest of all. Cut out the bacon, take one layer and sew a squigly line all the way down-
Wahlah! Bacon!!! (hey, this is for beginers!
To make the Pancake-
Sew 2 peices of tan felt cut into circle together. (I made some more that had syrup on top, but I didnt have the right color when I did this one...) If you made syrup (just cut a squigly circle smaller than te pancake out of darker colored felt) then sew that on top- you should only need one layer. Sew on the butter- just place it on top and sew around it!
All Done!
Now if you are really not crafty, you can always use hot glue instead of sewing- it will just be A LOT harder!
Good luck! Please link me to pictures of your food creations and send over any ideas you might have! Email me pictures at and I will put up a post later this month with the pictures of all your fun creations!!!

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  1. Wow! Very exciting! I am excited to see what you post! Fun! Great buy on shoes, that helps! And... if Grammy happens to get some play food for her house, that would be really great! wink wink!
    Good luck


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