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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When we were married we were given a gift certificate to the local drug store in DH's hometown. A bunch of the town's people put money on it, so we could pretty much buy almost anything in there we wanted. We had quite an array of pans, pots, caserol dishes and that sort of thing, and didnt want any nick nacks, so I decided on a haircutting set! I was bound and determined I could save money by cutting DH's hair myself. My first try my MIL helped me out- I am sure she was probably the one who did most of it while I watched. When it was time for another haircut, I happily took my shears to his head, and lets just say the night ended with me crying, locked in our room, and him in the bathroom threatening to shave his head. Lets just say that sadly, it hasnt gotten much better!
Now my DH is ReAlLy blond, and he likes to grow his hair out shaggy. I am sure having to have me cut it is one of the reasons. He has now decided that I can only do it on his mothers watch, which has helped out a ton! So 2 weekends ago, DH was complaining about how he hated having to fix his hair multiple times durring the day. I replied "oh, I will cut it for you!" And he agreed! (we had just finished watching Ugly Betty AND Grays Annatomy, so he was in a good mood lol) SO he got undressed and I oiled up the shears. I started cutting and the whole time I am wondering- 'am I doing this right?' So I was very careful not to cut too close to his bald spot, not to cut his ear, not to vut his bangs 'like that' and make sure the back was 'layered'. I was a nervous wreck and worried about it the whole time- trying to keep him from looking in the mirror because each time he would make a remark. Lets just say- it didnt turn out so well and ended the way it usually does- me crying, him with the door locked and the shears on. (he was shaving his face, but it still scared me!) SO luckily we ended up at his mom's house the next day and she fixed it how he likes it...... Thanks Sherie-

DH is still wearing a hat every time he goes out of the house- it is too short and he has to wait until it grows back- so sorry DH, better luck next time......

BeforeAfter- a rare glimpse without a hat!

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