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Monday, January 26, 2009


Alright- so here is the update I know you have all been waiting for! haha- im sure....

Plasma- So DH went to give Plasma again on Saturday. Lets just say it will be his last time! He didnt fill me in on all the details when he came back from the first round, but when I saw the look on his face after the second time, I knew it must have been bad, so me being nosy, I pried until I got the awnsers. So apparently first off both times her waited in line for 3 hours! wow- I guess it is really some people's only job. He was kind of happy about the wait because he got to do his homework. So he sat down and guy dug around for like 2 full minutes trying to find his vain- which is huge BTW. SO he finally got it and then they take your blood out, spin it around and then have to push it back into your arm! OUCH! Sorry, hunny, but I guess if it seems like easy money, they has to be a catch! SO he was pretty much out of commision for the rest of the night- it was sad!

Fabric swapping- I just sucked it up and went and got it all. I decided it was my own fault, not hers, and I will know better for next time. They didnt have one of the kinds she wanted, but I got a yard of 2 different kinds for her to try instead. I got a discount and ended up with some DELISH minky in lavender and mint green just to make me feel better.... woops, that wont help the pockets!

Knitting- oh my goodness, it has been a train wreck so far! Well, I say that, but really it has been fine practice, now I think im ready to actually make some longies! SO first round, I get 15 rows in and my hoop was like double the size it should have been, and somehow it got twisted. I was mad, but took it off, rolled it into a ball and started over on my new needles. So the next round is going great! I get 16 stitches in, do my hidden row and then about 6 stitches fall off the needles, resulting in the entire thing falling apart and me undoing it and starting over. So the next time, im on row 2 and the needle comes apart- oh geeze! (They didnt have any shorter ones in town so we cut one and put it back together but didnt glue it..... so now it is all glued up and ready to go!) SO cross your fingers, when I am done with this I am starting over and I am going to finish this time! Come on- cheer me on!

Felt food-
I got some AWESOME felt food in the mail today! Ravioli, Bowtie pasta and meat balls and sauce!! It was so awesome! I cant wait for Bailey to start playing with it- and it made me make bowtie pasta for dinner! hahaha

Im trying to think of what else needs updated.... Thanks for putting yourselves up on the followers, I promise to get a blogroll up soon- for now, keep the comments coming! lol- I love you guys DSD's!!!

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  1. Ooh - I had roomies in college who did the plasma thing. I have really tiny veins & it's painful for me to give blood - assuming they even have the right needle to use for me. So I never even considered giving plasma. But I thought my roomies were very, very brave!

    Your swap thing sounds really interesting! Where do you find others who want to swap and how does it work?

    BTW - thank you for stopping by my blog!


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