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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homemade diaper wipes

So the other day I read a blog with a post intitled "diaper wipes". I thought- oh cool! Finally someone has realised how easy diaper wipes are to make and is passing along the info.... NoPe.... it was about the USES of diaper wipes. SO since this blog is suposed to be about how we are saving moeny and such- here is one of the major things we have done to cut our budget. I have purchased 1 box of diaper wipes in the year my daughter has been alive! I am still using them on occasion.

Fabulous Diaper Wipes!:

4 Cups of water
baby oil
baby wash
baby lotion

Microwave water for 5 minutes. Add in a squirt, or about 2 TBS of each oil, lotion and wash. Mix up with a wisk. Let cool down.

Now I just like to use washcloths with my cloth diapers and I put the solution into a couple of spray bottles and one of those squirt bottles like you get at the hospital. I just squirt the baby and then wipe with a cloth.

For all of you who dont use cloth diapers, just take a roll of paper towels, cut down down the middle and eventually in half. Place towels in empty wipe box and pour solution on top. Or fold each individual towel and pour on top- the posibilites are endless! It also works for a good makeup romover with the baby oil and lotion, just make sure to rinse it off!

Thats it! It is fun because you can mix and match 'flavors' of lotion and baby wash and soon you will find a solution that works perfect for you- or try a new one every time!

Let me know if you try it and what 'flavor' is your favorate!!


  1. smart plan, but I dont have time to make my own with three babies diapers to change. I do love baby wipes though, they are perhaps the greatest invention of this century.

  2. Josie,
    This is P & S Organizer, Jenn in Seattle, thanks for your kind comment! Reading your blog sure brings back those new mommy, DH in college me, enjoy those days, you always have an excuse for something. :-)
    Happy Week!

  3. Thanks for your encouraging comments about being a young parent. It's weird how it just doesn't seem POSSIBLE right now... *sigh* one day. And if it's sooner than later I'll REALLY be needing these tips!

    But I love this blog, you have great tips! Have you tried those wipes? I hear sometimes they don't work so great, but I haven't tried them myself.


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