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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I <3 making baby food!

I use this grinder for things that have a lot of water in them- squash and such, a food processor works much better for things that need water added to them! (I have a fake magic bullet that works wonderful!!)

Its true, I seriosly do! My baby is not a picky eater. She will eat anything ground up and put on a spoon for her once. If she doesnt like the way it tastes, she wont do it again, but she will always do it once. She does do something funny though, she will refuse to eat anything chunky or peices of something unless she knows the exact consistancy, temperature and exactly what it is! Usually, if I just force her to taste a tiny bit by putting it on her lips, she will happily open up and eat!
Today I made some serious baby foods! I made spinach, peas, sweet potato apple, fruit cocktail and broccoli. I use the food cube method, meaning that I cook and puree the food and then freeze it in ice cube trays. I use at least 2 cubes of anything I feed her though, and I need to come up with a different way- but it is working for now!

This is what a normal dinner feeding for my 11 month old looks like-
a little bit of whatever we are eating
2 cubes of spinach mixed with rice ceral or barley
3 cubes of sweet potato apple
2 cubes carrot, brussel sprouts or peas
2 cubes of fruit with 2 spoonfulls of oatmeal and grahmn crackers crumbled in it

I really dont know why some people think making baby food is so hard! My babe doesnt even like the kind that comes from the store! I know that fresh veggies are really expensive, expecially this time of year, but I have found that not only are frozen veggies easier, they taste just about the same! With regular veggies you have to scrub, wash, peel, cut up, cook and puree, where with frozen all you have to do is put a cup in a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of water and pop it in the microwave! easy as pie! Canned fruits work ok, but not so much with vegtables.... They all kind of have that gross canned pea taste and smell.... I do like to open a can of veggies for dinner and give some to my babe, but when it comes to actually making the baby food puree's I would recomend frozen!

So I am starting to run out of ideas for mixtures though- not to mention I havnt introduced anything new for quite a while..... Any one have any good suggestions? What do you make for your kids? Leave me a comment explaining!


  1. No suggestions, because that is exactly what I did for my in a cube :D .

  2. mashed avacado and banana. My favorite baby food book is Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron (I think that is the author's name).


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