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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Im ready!

The time has finally come- the time for me to start a blog about the money I am saving while raising my baby! We seriosly spend LESS money now that we have a baby- hard to beleive I know, but I am excited to share some of my tips with you. Along with that, I have been DIEING to start a craft blog- so this will be a "saving money AND having fun blog!"

SO let me intorduce myself- My name is Josie, I am a SAHM to a 1 year old little girl. I Cloth diaper, I make my own baby food, I make my daughter's church dresses, I Breast Feed, I sew, I craft, I do all sorts of stuff! lol I am very excited to have a place to share all the fun and exciting (and money saving) things I do on a daily basis!

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  1. This is a cool blog! I'm excited to learn tips from you!


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