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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kid songs!

So today I was playing with my baby in her room and thought- "man it is borring and quiet in here", ok, not really borring, but you know exactly what I am talking about! SO I got online and searched form some kids songs to build my vocabulary of them. I foudn this awesome site! They have TONS of kids songs, nurshrey rhymes and the whole bit- and best of all, you can dowload them to your computer and they are totally FREE! SO go see what you can find!

What exactly IS a swap?

I have realised there is a reason that so many people are coming onto the site, but are not signing up for the swap. Most of you have never done a swap, maybe never even heard of it! SO here is my attempt to explain what it is to you and hopefully ease your mind so you will go sign up!

A swap just means that you trade things with your partner. In this particular swap, all you have to do is grab a box, (my new favorate mailing thing is a cereal box turned inside out! It would be the perfect size for this!!) and fill it with 5 of your favorate things! This could be a lipstick, magazine, package of candy, pair of socks and a ball of yarn- the possibilities are endless!!! Basically this is just a fun way for us all to receive a fun little box in the mail! I know I LOVE getting mail, and it is even better when it is something fun and not just bills! If you have kids, I will set you up with someone else who would like something for their kids. You do not have to spend alot of money on this whole thing either! you can do it for less than $10!

It is just really fun, and I know that once you do one, you will understand why some of us are so obsessed with them- they are really a blast!!

If you have ANY other questions, please feel free to email me, I would love to help you any way I can!!

my craft for the week

So I am really hopeing to be able to put up a new craft and a tutorial every week. Well, this week was filled with homework, trying to get packages ready to mail and learning to knit. So I guess all I have to talk about today is knitting.... SO that isnt very exciting! My sewing machine is still broken, and that has put me into a bit of a slump. Hopefully it gets fixed soon! Anyone know a good Brother repairman?

SO I will try to do something good today and get it posted this weekend! (It will probably still be baby birthday party stuff....)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Blues swap sign up comtinues- but 5 fun questions

Make sure you go to the post below and sign up for the swap!!!

My SIL had this on her blog- I have to awnser 5 questions she came up with, and then if you post a comment on my blog I will send YOU 5 questions off the top of my head for you to blog about!

1. If you could only watch 1 tv show a week what would it be and why?: Ugly Betty!! It is clean, super funny, and I just love the message it has- that you dont have to be perfect to be someone!

2. Name your #1 strength and weakness.: I think my strenght is that I really would do anything for the people I love, or even anyone I happen to know that needs help.
My weakness is that I get mad, jellous and frustrated easily and hold grudges

3. If you were on Survivor what would you take for your luxury item? Uh.... My sewing machine? What good would that do me! I guess maybe a clean change of clothes..... TP? haha

4. What is one of your most recent goals?: To not eat out for an entire month! (It will not be starting until a little later in Feb! haha)

5. If you could go back in time, what would you change in your own life?:
I would have taken college more seriosly and finished, or gone to a trade school and gotten certified in something I could do to work from home for the next few years until DH is out of school.

SO leave me a comment and I will send YOU some questions!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Blues Swap!!!! (come join the fun!!!!!)

Ok, I have been thinking about this the entire day! I have had a bunch of people ask me about swaps, and I decided I am going to host my very own!!!! I hope you are all as excited as I am! Ok, so here it is-

Winter Blues/ 5 favorate things swap!!
This is a swap where you exchange your 5 favorate things with someone else (this can be magazine, cookies, drink, recipe,a pack of gun, a book, bag, lipstick, crafting tool, jewlery etc....) This is really going to be a lot of fun, so be sure you sign up! I will be taking sign ups until Feb. 7, and packages need to be mailed by Feb 14!!!
To sign up-
Email me at (make sure the subject says swap so it doesnt get deleted!)
1. Your name
2. Your address (Only I and your partner will ever see it and I will delete after swap is over)
3. Your email addy
4. Your blog address
5. 1 of your favorate things (if you have children, please feel free to name them and one of each of their intrests or favorate things and I will match you up with someone who's kids would love something too!)
6. Make sure you post on your blog about this and be sure to leave a comment!!!!

Happy swapping! I will email you with your swap partners name and info as soon as I get them all figured out so you can get in contact with them!

WFD (whats for dinner) tonight?

My DH and I have one major downfall (haha, im sure we have more! ) Anyway, we have a hard time when it comes to going out to eat. This summer we went out to eat for at least one meal a day. It may have been the fact that we lived in a house with no stove, drinkable water or a working toilet (not to mention shower) for most of the summer. Anyway, that is not the point- the point is that we spend way too much cash on eating out!

I really like to cook, I do, I promise. I just have a really hard time even knowing where to start- like what we are going to eat! For example, Monday night we had bowtie pasta and handmade alfredo sauce (I had a plan see!), yesterday for lunch nachos and last night for dinner- DH had a frozen pizza and I had a yogurt! (Anyone else have a husband who comes home and just helps himself to food instead of waiting for dinner to be served*cough started cough* and then you just go without?)

SO here is the deal- I need a good idea for dinner tonight, and its ok if it is past tonight when you awnser me, just awnser me! I need all the help I can get! Something easy, something quick, just give me some ideas! Or else we may end up having tuna fish sandwiches! YUCK!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My name is Josie, and I am an addict......

Its true! I cant even help it! (no, its not to blogging!) I am officially adicted to swapping! HOLY COW! Can you beleive that there are people out there just like me, who want to be able to sell their stuff, but want other peoples stuff, so they swap?!? It is SO AWESOME!!!!

At the present moment I am currently "swapping" with..... 7 swaps.... UTOH! Now the only reason I can admit to that is because even thought DH has read religiously every post on our family blog- he has not read a sentence on this one... hahahahaha!

Today DH said, "Dont take this personally, but wouldnt you rather just go out and buy something nice for the baby instead of wasting all your money on swaps?" Thats when I realised that men just dont get it! Men dont understand that sometimes the highlight of a SAHM's day is going out to check the mail. Sometimes, when it is bills, it can make your day worse- but when it is something just for you, or something you have been waiting for, it can make your whole week!

So today when there was a knock on my door, I RAN to awnser it. This is what I was pleased to find in a little box mailed just for me! (ok, I WISH these would fit me, they are really for DD.... but something I have been waiting for since she was born and I knew they existed!)
Isnt she just the most adorible thing you have ever seen!!!!!!! (No, it wasnt her in the box silly, it was the pants, and a surprise hat, and bib and booties that I wasnt expecting!!)

I LOVE that baby- even more than I love swaps! :)

Homemade diaper wipes

So the other day I read a blog with a post intitled "diaper wipes". I thought- oh cool! Finally someone has realised how easy diaper wipes are to make and is passing along the info.... NoPe.... it was about the USES of diaper wipes. SO since this blog is suposed to be about how we are saving moeny and such- here is one of the major things we have done to cut our budget. I have purchased 1 box of diaper wipes in the year my daughter has been alive! I am still using them on occasion.

Fabulous Diaper Wipes!:

4 Cups of water
baby oil
baby wash
baby lotion

Microwave water for 5 minutes. Add in a squirt, or about 2 TBS of each oil, lotion and wash. Mix up with a wisk. Let cool down.

Now I just like to use washcloths with my cloth diapers and I put the solution into a couple of spray bottles and one of those squirt bottles like you get at the hospital. I just squirt the baby and then wipe with a cloth.

For all of you who dont use cloth diapers, just take a roll of paper towels, cut down down the middle and eventually in half. Place towels in empty wipe box and pour solution on top. Or fold each individual towel and pour on top- the posibilites are endless! It also works for a good makeup romover with the baby oil and lotion, just make sure to rinse it off!

Thats it! It is fun because you can mix and match 'flavors' of lotion and baby wash and soon you will find a solution that works perfect for you- or try a new one every time!

Let me know if you try it and what 'flavor' is your favorate!!

A couple of things I *Hate*

Its true- hate is a very strong word, but there are a few things that I cant help but hate- here are a few of them....
1. The neighbors. I do not hate ThEm, but I DO hate that they cannot go out their door without slamming it as hard as they possibly can. It pops back open and they continue this at least 7 times EVERY time they walk outside! Seriously?!? You know that all you have to do it close it carefully and it will shut every time.... oh brother! (He also insists on showeling the vacent spot next to their car every time it snows....)
2. When DH moves my stuff, trying to 'help me clean up'...... I cant ever find any of it again! and neither can he!
3. Dishes!! I cannot stand dishes! The thought, the feel, the smell- it all makes me sick! YUCK!
4. Putting away laundry. I enjoy the actual DoInG laundry part, but I often forget to switch the last load into the dryer, and it always takes me a few days to get it all put away.... not that its hard- I just have better things to do!
5. The post office- how can it seriosly cost so much to mail things!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

25 things to get to know me better!

I am going to challenge all you fellow blogger to take this survey and post it to your blog! You can either put the names of people you want to do it at the bottom, or just challenge all of your readers like I am doing. Please cut and paste this to your blog and fill in your own awnsers! Then make sure you leave me a comment so I can go to your blog and learn more about you!!

1. Where do you fall in your family?: I am the oldest of 4 daughters
2. What motivates you to blog?: My silly daugher and all the things I have learned trying to raise her! (Tonight she was obsessed with drinking the water out of the bathtub- silly baby!)
3. What is your current WIP (work in progress)?: My knitted Longies.... haha, and I have some stuff I need to finish for a swap I am doing because I sold all the stuff I had done for it!
4. What are you watching/ listening to right now?: The girls next door.... total trash, I need to turn it!
5. What was the last thing you cooked?: Bowtie pasta with hand made alfredo sauce
6. What was the last thing you read that wasnt online?: Medical Terminology book
7. Who is your best friend?: DH! He is the best hubby I coudl ever ask for!
8. When was the last time you had your hair cut/styled/colored?: Um.... 2 months before Ray Ray was born.... so over a year ago!! wow!
9. name 3 things you did today or 3 places you went: Bernina, Arby's and the post office
10. What is your favorate food and favorate drink?: Motzerella sticks and 3/4 Sprite, 1/4 lemonaide
11. What would you like to be doing right now?: Snuggling my baby, but she doesnt snuggle.... :(
12. Name 2 bad habits you have: Biting my nails, (although it has gotten so much better since Ray was born!) Getting mad over really stupid things
13. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?: I would just love to sew and make things all day and have people buy them! Or work in the Nurshry at the hospital!
14. What are 3 of your favorate movies?: uh... Baby Boom, Runnaway Bride, Pure Country
15. WHat was your nickname as a kid or your nickname now?: Never really had one- my Grandpa called me "Josie- Yama- Huchi" Like Kristy Yamaguchi
16. Name 2 goals you have for the year: To read the baby the book of morman every night while she is in the tub, to be able to send a FO to all of the expecting moms on the diaper showers page on DSD.
17. WHere would you go on a dream vacation?: Hawaii- always wanted to go there!
18. What did you DO in high school?: I was on the drill team, I danced, I ran track very breifly
19. Name something most people dont know about you: I am very shy, but when I warm up to someone I can talk your head right off!
20. WOuld you rather call or text?: For sure text- I dont enjoy talking on the phone, its awkward!
21. Name a regret: Not being able to spend as much time with DD and DH as I want to. Also being quick to judge and develop anger towards people
22. Quick, check your phone, who is the 3rd to last person you talked to?: My mom this morning
23. Whats your favorate type of icecream?: Cookie dough!
24. If you could receive anything in the mail, what would it be?: Something just for me! Chocolates, mama supplies, a bag, anything! lol
25. What was the last thing you purchased?: Fabric! Suprise suprise!

Now its your turn! Leave a comment with your blog on it so I can get to know YOU better!!


Alright- so here is the update I know you have all been waiting for! haha- im sure....

Plasma- So DH went to give Plasma again on Saturday. Lets just say it will be his last time! He didnt fill me in on all the details when he came back from the first round, but when I saw the look on his face after the second time, I knew it must have been bad, so me being nosy, I pried until I got the awnsers. So apparently first off both times her waited in line for 3 hours! wow- I guess it is really some people's only job. He was kind of happy about the wait because he got to do his homework. So he sat down and guy dug around for like 2 full minutes trying to find his vain- which is huge BTW. SO he finally got it and then they take your blood out, spin it around and then have to push it back into your arm! OUCH! Sorry, hunny, but I guess if it seems like easy money, they has to be a catch! SO he was pretty much out of commision for the rest of the night- it was sad!

Fabric swapping- I just sucked it up and went and got it all. I decided it was my own fault, not hers, and I will know better for next time. They didnt have one of the kinds she wanted, but I got a yard of 2 different kinds for her to try instead. I got a discount and ended up with some DELISH minky in lavender and mint green just to make me feel better.... woops, that wont help the pockets!

Knitting- oh my goodness, it has been a train wreck so far! Well, I say that, but really it has been fine practice, now I think im ready to actually make some longies! SO first round, I get 15 rows in and my hoop was like double the size it should have been, and somehow it got twisted. I was mad, but took it off, rolled it into a ball and started over on my new needles. So the next round is going great! I get 16 stitches in, do my hidden row and then about 6 stitches fall off the needles, resulting in the entire thing falling apart and me undoing it and starting over. So the next time, im on row 2 and the needle comes apart- oh geeze! (They didnt have any shorter ones in town so we cut one and put it back together but didnt glue it..... so now it is all glued up and ready to go!) SO cross your fingers, when I am done with this I am starting over and I am going to finish this time! Come on- cheer me on!

Felt food-
I got some AWESOME felt food in the mail today! Ravioli, Bowtie pasta and meat balls and sauce!! It was so awesome! I cant wait for Bailey to start playing with it- and it made me make bowtie pasta for dinner! hahaha

Im trying to think of what else needs updated.... Thanks for putting yourselves up on the followers, I promise to get a blogroll up soon- for now, keep the comments coming! lol- I love you guys DSD's!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I think I learned how to knit!

I really think I have got it figured out..... I sure hope so!!! Now if I couldnt only follow directions.......

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday banner

Ray Ray's birthday is in 2 weeks. I cannot beleive she will be one already! This year has just flown past! I decided I better get started on her birthday decor. While I was at the Hoby Loby today I saw some paper that I couldnt pass up! I planned on making it out of fabric, but this worked much easier and better. So now all I have to do is laminate it so it lasts more than a few minutes, and tie it together so I can hang it up! If you want to learn how to make this inexpensive birthday decor, keep on reading!


For this project you will need:
5 peices of paterned paper (regular notebook paper size) You can use more or less.
5 peices of plain white cardstock
3 big peices of carstock (I did 3 different colors)

To begin- Take white paper and cut it into 4 1/4 inch squares. I like to use a rotary cutter
Cut the patterned paper into 4 inch squares
Cut the plain colored paper with a pair of fancy edged sissors about 1/4 inch from the egde. One it is completely cut off, cut about 1/4 inch away with a plain pair of scissors and you will end up with 2 peices that are fancy on one side and straight on the other
(Sorry, the picture wont move and it is out of order....)

Cutting the straight edge to make two peices
Use glue to stick the fancy paper onto the edge of the white paper. Cut it off right at the edge- continue with the bottom side SO that the top and bottom have fancy paper on them and are cut at the edge.
Glue the remaining edges and cut so that the edge is somewhat even

Take your 4 inch square of pattened paper and cut the edges right on the edge with fancy scissors
Paste the paterned paper onto the white paper with fancy edges
Trace a letter from a stenil onto the colored paper. Cut out your letter and use an ink pad of a marker to mark the outside edges
Paste your letter onto the paper

Continue with all the remaning letters!
punch holes in the edges and tie together with ribbons or string onto yarn
WHallah!!!!! There you have your very own handmade birthday banner!

Friday, January 23, 2009

great friends

It is SO amazing to have good friends! It is even really fun to have good friends you have never met! I have one of these that never ceases to amaze me! my second post talked about how Ray Ray has fat feet and stocking up on shoes for latter- well this morning I was greated with this package-
She is so Amazing! She has 3 little girls and sent over 9 pairs of little girl shoes!! I am so thankful and happy! You are the best Bren!! Thanks SOOOOO much!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Learning to knit

I am bound and determined to learn how to knit. I use cloth diapers, and wool pants are apparently the way to go. I actually have a trade going on with two nice mama's right now for 2 seperate pairs of wool pants and I am super excited. I learned how to knit once from my neighbor when I was young, but I only did about 7 rows and being a busy teenager, I gave up. But now I am going to try it- what do I have to lose! Sure I have WAY too much to do right now to waste much time, but I need a new way to relax! So here goes- I am going to try it! I actually found a woman who makes the most DARLING knit things
Anyway, we have a trade worked out and she is going to make Ray Ray a pair of DARLING cowgirl baby booties! I seriosly cannot wait to get them! If you have a baby or are about to have a baby, please check out her site- her stuff it to die for, and her prices are SO low it is unbeleivable! I also got a pair of black double strap mary janes and a headband to match the boots- I seriosly cannot wait!
SO let me know your tips or tricks on how to knit, and also let me know what your favorate item on the forever and a day blog is!!

Is Plasma all its cracked up to be?

My hubby has been talking about giving Plasma since he heard an ad on the radio when we were first marrried and living in Southern Utah. He never ended up doing it, because he was too busy, and frankly, we didnt need the extra money that badly. So when they started advertising the new Plasma center in our town, his ears perked up and the conversation was on again. I kind of blew it off, didnt think it would really happen.
Well DH has his own idea's about things sometimes, and he has decided he is going to buy a horse. In order to feed his horse, he has it set in his mind that giving Plasma is the way to go....
This morning we loaded up the baby in the car and drove over there. First off, the building is in a strip mall. So we walk in and the place smells like a hospital, looks like a hospital if you look straight ahead, but it was quite hard to ignore the blaring hard rock music and 30 or more people sitting in lines like they are on a bus. He gets all signed in and we sit down. All the people who work there are about 20 and look and act like they have no clue what they are doing. I start to wonder if the theory I told the baby about it being a place for Vampires to get blood is actually real.... SO this creapy looking guy in a white coat walks over, kneels on the seat in front of us and gets really close so he can whisper (it is seriosly so loud in there, why must he wisper!) "You have to take her out, no one under 18 can be in here."
So DH straps Ray Ray into the car seat and I tell him good luck, hope you dont get a disease and off we go- Ray Ray screamed the entire way home.....

SO moral of the story- is going through all this (not to mention the hour of your time it takes to get all that blood out! ) really worth $35? I guess we will see....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dont follow my lead on this one....

I just went to the post office with 8 packages- it cost me $40!!! OUCH! The thing that made me the most mad was that a book that DH was suposed to mail for his grandma cost $10 itself! They really need to lower their rates or give out coupons!! lol SO if you are expecting something from me, it is probably in the mail....


When we were married we were given a gift certificate to the local drug store in DH's hometown. A bunch of the town's people put money on it, so we could pretty much buy almost anything in there we wanted. We had quite an array of pans, pots, caserol dishes and that sort of thing, and didnt want any nick nacks, so I decided on a haircutting set! I was bound and determined I could save money by cutting DH's hair myself. My first try my MIL helped me out- I am sure she was probably the one who did most of it while I watched. When it was time for another haircut, I happily took my shears to his head, and lets just say the night ended with me crying, locked in our room, and him in the bathroom threatening to shave his head. Lets just say that sadly, it hasnt gotten much better!
Now my DH is ReAlLy blond, and he likes to grow his hair out shaggy. I am sure having to have me cut it is one of the reasons. He has now decided that I can only do it on his mothers watch, which has helped out a ton! So 2 weekends ago, DH was complaining about how he hated having to fix his hair multiple times durring the day. I replied "oh, I will cut it for you!" And he agreed! (we had just finished watching Ugly Betty AND Grays Annatomy, so he was in a good mood lol) SO he got undressed and I oiled up the shears. I started cutting and the whole time I am wondering- 'am I doing this right?' So I was very careful not to cut too close to his bald spot, not to cut his ear, not to vut his bangs 'like that' and make sure the back was 'layered'. I was a nervous wreck and worried about it the whole time- trying to keep him from looking in the mirror because each time he would make a remark. Lets just say- it didnt turn out so well and ended the way it usually does- me crying, him with the door locked and the shears on. (he was shaving his face, but it still scared me!) SO luckily we ended up at his mom's house the next day and she fixed it how he likes it...... Thanks Sherie-

DH is still wearing a hat every time he goes out of the house- it is too short and he has to wait until it grows back- so sorry DH, better luck next time......

BeforeAfter- a rare glimpse without a hat!

Sometimes the best snacks in life are almost free...

I am not really a cookie person, same with cake. I am also not much of a breakfast person, or lunch or dinner for that matter. I guess you could say I eat to live, rather than live to eat! There is one snack that I can always eat, and it just happens to be one that I consider pretty good for me! (haha, but probably not!)
Crunchy peanut butter and crackers! Not only do I love it, but so does DH and I am sure Ray Ray will love it as soon as she is old enough to try it! I really wasnt too worried about waiting with her- no one in my family has any sort of allergies, but I guess DH has some pretty severe nut allergies in some of his uncles and cousins, so I guess we better wait. Anyhow- A great and inexpensive treat that really is better for you than a cookie! :) (Just watch out for those peanut butter recalls!!) If you are hungry right now, I dare you to eat just 3 of these babies and you will be satisfied for hours! haha- now tell me what your favorate cheap snack is

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I <3 making baby food!

I use this grinder for things that have a lot of water in them- squash and such, a food processor works much better for things that need water added to them! (I have a fake magic bullet that works wonderful!!)

Its true, I seriosly do! My baby is not a picky eater. She will eat anything ground up and put on a spoon for her once. If she doesnt like the way it tastes, she wont do it again, but she will always do it once. She does do something funny though, she will refuse to eat anything chunky or peices of something unless she knows the exact consistancy, temperature and exactly what it is! Usually, if I just force her to taste a tiny bit by putting it on her lips, she will happily open up and eat!
Today I made some serious baby foods! I made spinach, peas, sweet potato apple, fruit cocktail and broccoli. I use the food cube method, meaning that I cook and puree the food and then freeze it in ice cube trays. I use at least 2 cubes of anything I feed her though, and I need to come up with a different way- but it is working for now!

This is what a normal dinner feeding for my 11 month old looks like-
a little bit of whatever we are eating
2 cubes of spinach mixed with rice ceral or barley
3 cubes of sweet potato apple
2 cubes carrot, brussel sprouts or peas
2 cubes of fruit with 2 spoonfulls of oatmeal and grahmn crackers crumbled in it

I really dont know why some people think making baby food is so hard! My babe doesnt even like the kind that comes from the store! I know that fresh veggies are really expensive, expecially this time of year, but I have found that not only are frozen veggies easier, they taste just about the same! With regular veggies you have to scrub, wash, peel, cut up, cook and puree, where with frozen all you have to do is put a cup in a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of water and pop it in the microwave! easy as pie! Canned fruits work ok, but not so much with vegtables.... They all kind of have that gross canned pea taste and smell.... I do like to open a can of veggies for dinner and give some to my babe, but when it comes to actually making the baby food puree's I would recomend frozen!

So I am starting to run out of ideas for mixtures though- not to mention I havnt introduced anything new for quite a while..... Any one have any good suggestions? What do you make for your kids? Leave me a comment explaining!

Play food!

I signed up for a play food swap the other week on a site I praticipate in often. I was really excited, but I had NO idea how I was going to do it, and what I would make! I am not kidding you, I did not sleep at all the night I signed up for it, I was THAT worried about it! SO after some thinking and finally just jumping im, this is what I came up with!

Not only was it SO much easier than I would have expected, but it was so much fun! I am excited to see what I can come up with, I want to make DD a whole set of food by the time she is old enough to play with it! (she just looks at it and throws it right now! haha)
S0 here is how I did it!
-First I got some cardstock and cut out the shapes of what I wanted to make. I made a shape I thought looked like an egg white, a big circle for the pancake, a 1 1/2 inch square for the butter, a small circle for the egg white and some squigly peices for the bacon.
-I took my felt, and traced each peice out. The egg was white felt, you need 2 peices (2 cut outs) per egg. The egg yolk is yellow felt, again you need 2 peices. The pancake was tan felt, you need 2 peices each again. The butter is yellow felt, you only need 1 peice. The bacon is brown felt, 1 peice per bacon strip
To Make the Egg-
Put egg whites together as closely as possible to matching. Sew around entire outside edge. (Felt does not fray so it doesnt matter how far in you go!) Once the entire edge is sewn assemble the egg yolk. Put the two peices of yolk together as closely as possible. Place yolk on top of egg. Sew around the yolk, leaving about 2/3 inch open to stuff. Get your tweezers and stuff yolk with fiberfill- you really only need a little bit to make it bulge! Once it is stuffed, stitch the opening closed.
Your done! Easy isnt it!!!
To Make the Bacon-
This is the easiest of all. Cut out the bacon, take one layer and sew a squigly line all the way down-
Wahlah! Bacon!!! (hey, this is for beginers!
To make the Pancake-
Sew 2 peices of tan felt cut into circle together. (I made some more that had syrup on top, but I didnt have the right color when I did this one...) If you made syrup (just cut a squigly circle smaller than te pancake out of darker colored felt) then sew that on top- you should only need one layer. Sew on the butter- just place it on top and sew around it!
All Done!
Now if you are really not crafty, you can always use hot glue instead of sewing- it will just be A LOT harder!
Good luck! Please link me to pictures of your food creations and send over any ideas you might have! Email me pictures at and I will put up a post later this month with the pictures of all your fun creations!!!

A good trip to the DI

* Maybe I shouldnt be telling you this, for fear that next time I wont find anything! lol JK!

The other day I was having a really bad day. I was stressed out, my 'little mover and shaker' had been busily eating dimes while I was trying to do housework, and I was sick of cleaning. I decided to go shopping, but didnt have any money, so we went for a little walk around the DI (Deseret Industries). By now I have realised that I am definatly not too good to shop for second hand things- as long as they are in good condition. I have been having a heck of a time finding shoes that fit on the feed of my chunky little monkey- so that was the first stop. I had looked once or twice before, but I had never really seen anything too exciting on the shelves. BOY was I excited that I had come that day!
4 nearly new pairs of shoes! $2 a peice!!! I was extatic! I had just gotten 4 pairs of shoes for less than 1 pair normally costs!
Adidas tennis shoes! They still have the original sticker for $30 from foot locker in them!!!
SO this weekend when my DH was wanting to kill some time and suggested we go to the DI I said sure! and once again, boy I was glad I had!

a pair of KSwiss for $2!!!! (and the bottoms I swear to you do not even have brown on them!!!) Wow! Now my babe will be completely in style, and I pair MUCH less than those other parents who were willing to pay te $30 a peice!