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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Wearing

(Before our long walk today!)
So here is a subject I whole heartedly 'get' baby wearing! What could be better than holding your baby while you do the dishes, fold laundry, or wash the car? lol. Today I decided to take the baby swimming. Only problem was that DH had my car, the car seat, and both strollers- so what is a desperate mama to do? Pull the out the handy Mei Tai! Oh man I love that thing!! On my back she went and off we were to the pool! No wiggling and trying to get down, no smacking me in the face, no crying0 just happy and content to see the world from my back! If you have never seen or heard of a Mei Tai before- or would like to learn a little more about those or any kind of baby wearing devices- here are a few websites.... - this is a video of how to operate a Mei Tai! SO here are a few fun pictures of the baby and I on some of our fun 'baby wearing' excursions!Isnt this just a cool picture!When we first got our carrier and were introduced to the art of the Mei Tai! (About 4 1/2 months old)Being silly mowing the lawn (About 5 months old)Mowing the lawnCamping in style! (about 5 1/2 months)Trying out a carrier I made for a friend (about 6 months)
Yes you CAN even haul hay with a baby on your back!! (about 8 months)

ANd just in case you were wondering- yes I can make them, and yes I will make one for you! lol- just contact me with any questions or to order one!

And this is a picture of a little swap package I put together- I though they were cute!
And just because you havnt already seen enough pictures of the bub- heres another! :)


  1. I love MeiTei's I also love Ergo's...have you ever seen those? That is what we used once Skye got a little to big (and heavy) for the MeiTei.

  2. Ditto on the Ergos, I love mine! Mei Tais are wonderful, especially when they are teeny tiny.

  3. how much>??? I might want one for this new one... once we find out a gender! :)

  4. I love babywearing too! And as comfy as the mei tai is I also favor the ergo. I like the structure of it. :)


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