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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A full 24 hours

(Look at those REAL pigtails!!! Whoohoo! What a big girl I have!!)

I finally finished all my homework for Moduel 1!!! (Now I just need to sell $250 worth of stuff to pay for the next part of tuition....) Anyway- I decided to celebrate by finally sewing some stuff I have been putting off for a while! I think it was quite a productive 24 hours- what do you think??

I bought this pattern from and it is the cutest and easiest pattern ever! These babies take less than 15 minutes from cut out to sewn up and ready to wear! Plus arnt they darling!!! Bonnie is great and the instructions are wonderful! I suggest getting this pattern whether you are new to sewing or an advanced seamstress!

And now for your viewing pleasure..... The model!!

The "no no no" hand waves- she was done taking pictures!Isnt she just the cutest!


  1. She really is too cute. Good job on getting the first module done!

  2. cute shirts! I remember when we first met and you talked about making your own clothes and how you never wanted to do that, but look how cute things can turn out!

    Good job!


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