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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tip for the weekend #2

Ever opened your gas bill and gasped at the cost of hot water? Here is a great money saving solution to help cut a little bit of money off of it every month! You do NOT need to have the fancy 'cold water' detergent to wash your clothes in cold water! Not only does the regular stuff and cold water do just fine- it also will save you hundreds of dollars a year, just because you arnt using warm water to wash the clothes! Whites and diapers/rags are an exception, but a wash in just warm water will do the trick just fine! Try it for a month and see the difference it can make!


  1. Heck yeah--I wash EVERYTHING in cold. This is a great tip!

  2. You're so smart, Josie! We've always used cold water and reg. detergent, too. None of that fancy-pants detergent for us.

    Good for you for looking after your family's finances by being frugal when you can! It's something that you can carry with you for a lifetime, even when money is more plentiful.

  3. I am with you there!!! the only thing we wash in hot is the diapers.


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