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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Towel bib tutorial

My most favorate thing to put on my babe at meal time is a towel bib. She has been known to tip her sippy cup completely upside down and try to drink it, not to mention she is a messy (pre) toddler. There are many options out there when it comes to bibs- the small flannel ones, the wipe clean plastic ones (I hate those, who wants to have to wipe it every time! Bring on the washing machine!) but anyway, Towel bibs are the best in my opinion. There are few things easier to make than a towel bib- seriously! I will tell you the simplest way there is!
I made all these last year for ChirstmasRay sporting hers on her birthday!

1. Get a towel. I like to use kitchen towels with cute charectors and sayings on them. Some are absorbant, some, not so much! The best absorbent towel you can find is a terry hand towel- they are big and hold in anything!(This is a towel I made for a special order- but it didn't turn out right so I had to make new ones....)
2. get an old t shirt and cut the stretchy neck band off of it. (Mens white t shirts work best- something that is an actual tshirt, not just a knit shirt. ( I cut it a little below the band onto the knit- it gives you a little extra space!
3. Now fold the towel in half mark where the half would be (with pins) Mark also the half lengthwise so you have a middle point.
4. Grab a kitchen bowl and place it over the center mark. Trace around it and then cut the circle out. (I severely hurt my ankle last night and it is swollen double its size, so I just opted to use a CD rom I had nearby instead of running downstairs to get a bowl....)
5. Next, cut the t shirt neck off the shirt. You will want to measure about 15 inches off of the t shirt neck piece. Now sew the ends together to make the neck of the towel.
6. Now comes the part that is a little tricky. Fold your towel in half and half again so you have the front back and both side middles. Also do this to the t shirt neck. (so that both the neck peice and the towel are divided into 4 sections with pins.) Now you place the pins together- meaning your towel will be pinned to the neck part in 4 places. Now that it is pinned in the 4 places, put more pins in it stretching it just right so it fits perfectly between pins. (if you have a towel with something on the front but not on the back, make sure you are putting the raw edge of the neck part on the side that does not have the pattern.(Sorry my flash is so bright. In tis picture the 'good' edge of the neck peice is facing toward the cealing and the raw edge is toward the floor.)
7. Now it is as simple as sewing it together. Make a straight stitch all the way around, stretching in between pins to make it fit around perfectly. Make sure you are catching the towel in the stitch or you will be mad at yourself! lol I usually do a big zigzag at the end just because towel's fray a little but.
8. Try it out on your little model! Email me some pictures if you try this out and let me see what you come up with!!


  1. We love ours that we got for christmas last year... I personally love the Addie one! Anyway... I have heard if you fold it in half then in half again and cut a triangle it makes a circle like the CD haven't tried it because I haven't found the ribbing... but I always want more of these!!!! I find towels on clearance that are thick and heavy but then the end up being hand towels because I am not sure about doing the ribbing. Anyway I like that you do tutorials because it's helpful to a lot of people. :) HAve a good weekend!

  2. Great Tute!
    Thanks for your comments.. Have you tried joining a street team? I jjust joined one and I am hoing it will help..otherwise I was looking on the etsy forums last night going through threads trying to get helpful pointers..

  3. What a cool idea! I will definitely have to remember this for when my kiddos come along (I'm still afraid of those for the time being :D ). Hope that ankle gets back to normal soon!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my TMI post :D I will definitely see if I can find the homemade deodorant formula you were's hoping!


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