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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday- Composting

So you have all heard about recycling, hopefully you are all doing it in your own little way! I try, but my husband isnt very good at it, so we are working at it! Our town actually had an amazing recycling program! We live in a fairly small town (well we have 2 Walmarts lol) and they give out recycling cans to every resident so they can recycle easier!

The next big step to recycling is composting! This idea means that you take all of your food, lawn, leaf and some paper scraps and water and let them basically rot and make a gardening fertilizer type soil mixture that makes gardens and flowers thrive! THIS is a great website that has all sorts of things about composting. So what exactly would you put into a compost pile? Obvosly not things like pet waste, paper that is not acid free (newspaper, colored papers ect.), things that should be recylced, (alluminum, glass ect.) meat, bones, fish, fats and dairy are also things that should not be composted!

So what do you think? Would you throw all/most of your scraps in a bucket and putting it in the backyard to rot? Would you be able to plant in the soil that has this rotten compost? Im not sure about it! lol. I have used it, and I know people, like my parents, grandparents, who do it, but I am not quite convinced. Let me know what your ideas are about it! Anyone do it themselves? Lets hear about it!


  1. Great post, Josie! We started composing just last spring and are so glad we're doing it. It's lessened our garbage tremendously. It's so easy and as it's slowly breaking down, we're hoping to be able to add it to our garden and lawn next year.

  2. I have a friend that bought a compost. It is pretty complex to set up, but then is supposed to be easy. Sounded like way too much work for me, but her kids wanted to do it, so they are trying it. I haven't heard about it in a while..wonder if they gave up.

  3. I think its a great idea, I think about it often, but smells not so good with pregnancy... maybe later. LOL

  4. I actually found it pretty easy! There are some set ups that can become complicated but we just dug a hole behind the shed in our backyard and it's working great for us! You just have to be sure to till it every now and then (we just use a shovel) so everything is turned together. We got some free manure off of craigslist that we mixed in with it too.

  5. I so want to set up a compost for our family!!! I've been reading about them for over a year now, BUT - where we just moved from, we had no yard at all so it wasn't really possible. Now we have a house w/ a little yard, but we are just renting and will probably only be here for a year (well 10 months now...). So I keep putting it off. Once we have settled down and have a house & yard though, I am all for it!!! I try everything we can to cut down our garbage and I think composting is the next step for us (not sure if my hubby will go for it, but I'll deal w/ that when it's time - lol!)

  6. My parents use to do this. I have no place to do it. Plus I would have so many wild animals at my house.


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