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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crunchy Tuesday

Hi guys! It has been a crazy day, sorry I am barely getting to this. It will be a quick one- I am on a desperate hunt for a great homemade laundry soap! One safe for cloth diapers and one that will get things clean! Laundry soap is SOOOO expensive and really cutting that out of the budget sure will help! Plus less plastic and unneeded junk is a plus! SO start them coming my way! Thanks in advance!!


  1. make your own...borax, washing soda, and some gentle bar of soap. there are a bunch of recipe's out there, and it is fairly easy! i made my own for a while and it worked great...I use charlie's now and LOVE It!

  2. I don't know any of these homemade kind but i think right now you can get all for like 1.67 at Albertsons... I will have to check if it's the ad that just ended or the one that just started, i'm tempted to go get some... but who knows.

  3. Here's a site with lots of recipes for making your own:

    Haven't tried it myself--we use Charlie's on our cloth diapers. But I've seen positive comments from people using homemade soaps for diapers.

  4. This is silly, but on the show 18 Kids and Counting, they make their own clothes soap. The recipe was on their website.

  5. Washing soda is cheap and you can use it straight or mix it to make your own detergent. My friend started using it on her cloth diapers a few months ago.

  6. Hi! I saw you mention cloth diapers in your post so I did a search of your blog and found a bigger post on cloth diapers. I'm waiting on my first order to come in the mail. I can't wait to try them out. (I know.. a little behind considering Madison is 15 months old...) Anyway.. I'm off to the link you referenced!


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