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Monday, August 24, 2009

School is back in session! :)

That means more time to do what "I" want.... Oh wait, my kid doesn't go to school, but my second kid AKA husband does! haha So that means not only do I have to take him to and from school (the battery in his truck is dead, of course :( ) But it also means extras like meetings of the sheep and veterinary club, for which he is the vice president for each! But lets not stop there, I have taken on the task of bringing a new kid into our house for a couple hours a week, so now I will have 2 most days! (2 18 month olds, what am I getting myself into?!?) Oh, and there is that little thing called MY schooling.....

SO I guess back to school doesnt mean I get to relax in the least! I hope it means something different for you! Let me know what it does mean and link me to posts you are doing this week about your kids going back to school! :)

Dont forget to enter the giveaways! I will be drawing for them around 5 this evening! SO you have until then to get on it!


  1. Back to school never means relaxing for me either. This year with 2 in high school and one still homeschooling once again I am juggling one too many balls. I love summer, let's keep it around a little longer :)

    I did daycare for a long time on and off - just for friends. It was fun and I loved those little ones.

  2. fortunately for me, back to school doesnt mean too much right now (except less crowdes and bigger kids at the parks - yay!). All of my kids are still home w/ me - I have 1 more year left...
    Have fun w/ the 2 18 months old - it may actually work out great for you b/c they are at the age where they can play together which I always enjoy watching. It may allow you to take a step back (not too far b/c I know they will still need watching) and let them "play" together so you dont' have to be completely hands on all the time. I know when my 2nd got to be about that age, it was when her and her brother used to start to play together - so adorable!!!!!!

  3. For me...

    Peace and quiet. Even the dogs calm down. Now I can get work done and blog without being interrupted!

  4. for me back to school means the TV series returns... :) and people start blogging again because in the summertime no one has time to blog. STOP giving people a change to enter your giveawys I need to win! :(

  5. Back to school means back to work for those of us who have chosen the excruciating, er, exhilarating job of education young children. I came over from Chief's blog. Looks like fun!

  6. My little one does not go to school either. So all is the same in our house.

  7. how are you working out your classes, his classes and caring for 2 kiddos?

  8. My little one is only 14 1/2 months old...and is our only one! So, all is the same here! =)

  9. WOW, can we say supermom/woman? My son is only 14 months old, so no school for him. But I just got accepted into grad school--and classes start Monday!!! This should definitely be interesting. HOW do you do it? seriously?! :)


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