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Monday, August 24, 2009

The results are in!

The big 200 post giveaway was a big hit! I think it is a bit sad that so little amount of people entered, but hey, the ones who took the time to do so were truly rewarded! Here is the list of the winners! If you won something PLEASE shoot me a quick email to letting me know what you won (or your choice) and your address. I will then forward it on to the sponsor and you should be getting those prizes in the mail soon! Here are the winners!!

Bittersweet Designs- No slip farm socks # 20 Rachel Demilles
Cherry Hill- Waterproof labels- # 4 The Royal Family
Bubby's- Shirt vest-# 15 Sarah
Add a lil charm- tutu bow holder- # 25 Brandy
Diddle Designs- Personalized bucket- # 14 shooting star mag
SKnaturals - Organic baby shoes- #4- Anne
Goodies by Lynette- #2 The Royal Family
Twilight Keychain- #5 The Palmers
Beloved enchanted- 10 hair bows- #5 Jackie at 3 little ones
My Organic Breast Pads - Breast pads- #9 Chrissy D
Claudias- Cupcake set- #24 The Dumells
Little Things Design- Teething rattle- #1 The Royal Family
Custom Kids- Cape- #2 Melissa Chef set- #30 Cliff

Congrats everyone! Make sure you all visit all of my sponsors!!! Better luck next time! :)


  1. wahoo!

    ok i'll get that info you to.
    the rattle lady is it anything in her shop or what?

  2. Congrats to all but especially to the royal family and the palmers. we can't wait to send you your goodies!

  3. I'm glad that you had a great contest. Congrats to all your winners!

  4. Did I win the cape? I can't see another Melissa.


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