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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Think about it Sunday

Ah, school has started! My most favorite time of year! The weather turns cool, the kids are all back in school and not at the pool or the Walmart, football season starts, and soon enough the leaves start to change. I LOVE fall! Where I live it is beautiful, but very, very short! It seams like we go from hot to freezing overnight! The baby got a whole new wardrobe the other day, but it is still WAY too hot for her to wear much of any of it yet! The air conditioning totally throws you off! hehe. I think today we will be spending a good part of outside, we need to savor the few hot days we have left! Then it is back to school tomarrow.... and back to meetings, homework, clubs...... yipee.

So what is your favorate season and why? Hope you have a great Sunday!!


  1. I like Spring. I love that time of the year. The flowers start to bloom. We also go and get flowers to plant. Plus all of the baby animals are way cute.

  2. I need all seasons. I find myself waiting for each one of them to arrive

  3. Fall has been my favorite season for most of my life. Growing up in Texas, it was the final relief from a horribly hot, sticky summer. And it was football season and carnival season and parade season and all of those other wonderful fall-ish festivities. Since moving north, I've found a much greater appreciation for all seasons. Now I actually have FOUR seasons and they change quickly. I love everything begins to bud and the snow melts and it's time for planting gardens. I love summer...we get a lot of evening rain storms after a hot summer day and hubby is home all summer long. I love I mentioned above. And I even love winter...having grown up with barely ever seeing snow, I love it. I love to shovel it. I love to watch the kids jump in it. And I even love to go for walks through it. :)


  4. I love spring. I like when the days get longer and there is very little humidity in the least that is the way it is supposed to be in Houston, but rarely is!

  5. Love fall... love the smell and cool air after the HOT summer... and just hanging outdoors. :)

    besides the fall has my kiddo's birthdays and my anniversary and when I met chris and the yummy turkey holiday and etc etc etc.

  6. I love Fall because it leads to Winter, which I also love. I could live in Alaska and be happy forever, but Scott won't let me.


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