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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its the weekend!

That means working on fish tanks and family parties, and church for us around here, what are you all doing this weekend? If you havnt had a chance to look HERE to see if you won something, well you should! Because everything not claimed by next week will become mine! hehehe, so scratch that, dont look :)

Recipes will be out to you all as soon as I have enough energy to write mine down.... so that means you can still send some in until the end of the day to

Hasve a great day and see you all tomorrow!


  1. josie, have i sent you any recipes? i can't remember have a few if so

  2. will be doing the bake off sunday so can put in the mail monday just letting you know

  3. this weekend not that you were asking me... but i'll share.
    This weekend we are going up to eat lunch with chris... today... then we are coming home to clean and make bows, I got 3 orders yesterday. And order a few things that I need and don't have to complete orders, then visiting with family and eating good food. Who knows what else.. maybe shopping that is usually a good thing to add to a weekend.
    maybe expanding our little family...

    busy weekend. :) I am excited to get it started already!

  4. We went a baseball game last night. Not sure what else we will be doing..

  5. Hello! Found you from Chief's blog :) Um, this weekend I am going to hide under the covers and pretend my house isn't a wreck and that we aren't up to our eyeballs in debt.

  6. I think I second Bettys comments completely...

  7. Oh's been farmer's market, family walks, yard work, and cooking around here. Today we were having electric "brown outs" so we turned off the A/C, opened the windows and it was simply fabulous outside! I just love our weather these days!


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