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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Giveaway- Yummies and a twilight key holder!

me ta da! at Crazed Mind
I have recently been dubbed the COMMENT QUEEN. And I like that. I love to find other blogs that range the board of interest. Then I am great about doing daily peeks around at my favorites. Commenting daily!
My blog is an assortment of day to day life which means I am currently melting a lot. I post reviews, give aways, product sponsorships, frugal tips and a lot of un-necessary info on me! (well it is my blog) My biggest thing currently (besides melting--is that I am working on losing weight. So far down 20+ lbs and 59 inches. It is a start when your large like I am. I am a SAHM to an empty nest who had to 'retire' at 35 due to a disability. I share my home with my Dear Hubby who works A LOT! (he is supporting two other families before we met) and my 75 yr old mom.

I will bake a goodie to mail to your winner. They can help pick. As we do not know if they like chocolate or strawberry, nuts or no nuts or sugar free for health. SO---the kitchen is our limit. It can be cookies, brownies, fudge, cupcakes (no icing!) and so on. This is my SACRIFICE for your blog. As we do not have any a/c on so I will melt for them to make this goodie. Oh and I can't eat it as I am on a DIET! Gosh what a sacrifice this will be. LOL

Oh my tip! Don't waste money on throw aways anytime you can help it. Honest. What is a baby wipe but a wash rag in a jar with water and a lil soap? I carried a jar and kept a plastic bag in my diaper bag and car when CG was a babe. The mason jar would hold 6 baby wash rags that I could use then place in the plastic bag. Get home and wash out and hang up. That saves over time. Even $5 a week of not buying a throw away item is $260.00 It does add up. So take the extra time for one week and see what you can use instead of a throw away item. And it is very very very GREEN.

Now on to my mom. She is 75 and just started blogging this summer. You can find her at Good Horse Sense from an Ol' Nag
Her etsy shop is Grandma's Homemade Corner and has w/FREE SHIPPING with everything.
coffee508's Shop Announcement NEW!!! FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING!!!
She specializes in homemade hand bags. Granny M says "I have enjoyed making these for my daughters and granddaughters. So now I am here to offer them to you. If things go well I may be breaking out into all kinds of homemade items. I am 75 years old and trying to fit into this modern world."
Granny M is offering the Twilight Keychain!
These keychains are made of Antique Sterling Silver Forks. You can hang these on the inside of your purse to keep from losing them in the vast "bottom of the purse". I have 10 different Twilight Fork Keychains. Many of the patterns are different from each other. All have been hand polished. I have enclosed a photo of a key chain for you too.

Granny M's tip has to be to learn to sew. She makes clothes for her great grand kids now as she did her kids and grand kids. Granny M made our quilts by using old torn blankets. Make a quilt top using our outgrown favorite t-shirts (extra soft that way). Then would sandwich the old blankets in between the topper and a solid piece of fabric. Next she would 'tack' it together with yarn ties all through out. And then line the edges with another fabric. Most of this was all reused from other items that were getting out grown or wearing out. I loved my heavy winter quilts she made me. Here is a web site that shows you in more detail how this is done.


  1. yummies, I would want brownies or a pie

  2. Thank you ladies and it looks like y'all may be the only ones interested in goodies or a sterling silver keychain. Hope you win...of course if not more soon ya will.
    Lynette at

  3. I love yummy stuff! Especially if you can mix chocolate and fruit! Mmmmm....!


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