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Friday, August 14, 2009

Going Home!

I am so excited to be going home tomorrow. it has been fun here for the summer, but I am ready to be back into a routine and back in my own space and most of all my own bed! It will be nice to let the baby play with her own toys and not get into trouble constantly. (because our house is baby proof and the ones we have been visiting arnt!) My school is almost done except for one minor flaw in the fact that I dont have a book I need. And then....................

Our car bites the dust. Really?!? Apparently while driving down these dirt roads in a hurry a rock jumped up and broke the oil pan in my car. Nothing $250 worth of parts and $250 worth of labor wont fix.... So that $200 we came down here with when the summer started, after a $1600 root canal, $300 tires, and a $500 fix, well, looks like DH wont be getting new school clothes, or books, or a parking pass with his scholarship money..... But at least we have that right? Now if we can only get home in one piece. You all better pray for us that nothing else happens before we get out of here! :)


  1. If you break down call us and we will come tow you. JK, nothing more will happen. Remember positive thoughts begets positive happenings.

  2. if they come in threes then your done. WHEW!

  3. I hope you have a safe trip home!!!

  4. when it rains it pours
    and pouring down prayers for you now!

  5. Have a safe trip home & hopefully Murphy's Law will stay away for the rest of your travels.


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