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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

Make sure you send me some recipes ladies!!!!

Last night marked the beginning of the fair in the small town we live in, as well as many other towns in the state. Today my MIL and I decided to pay it a visit and see what they had. We heard that the 4 girls were doing a fashion show at 1, so we hopped on by. Once we got there I remembered how disappointed I was last year upon arriving.

You see, in the town I grew up in our fair was BIG, animals being shown, multiple exibits with things people had made, concerts, TONS of food and dozens of venders. My favorate exibit was the one where they take different kind of fruits and veggies and make huge murals out of them! My dads family owns a ton of purebred herferd bulls and always have a bunch down there showing. I also grew up showing lambs, and horses. (The lambs were how I bought my car!) So we always spent a lot of time down at the fairgrounds come fair week.

Flash forward to today. We walk into the arena and there are little kids on stage modeling their homemade creations to the right. Look to the front and you see the exit where the wopping 3 food venders are parked in their little food wagons outside. Look to the left and you see about 10 booths set up that look more like a strange craft fair showing off every thing from tutu's to cookies without sugar to manequins selling rocks people have carved..... Just not what I am used to! SO we walk around and smile at people as the baby is darting like a mad woman through the isles and around the tables. We finally wrangle her and take her outside to find something to eat.

We choose BBQ pork sandwiches- keep in mind that the wind is blowing no less than 90 MPH! You guessed it, my $4 sandwich went right on the ground. I was sad :( My MIL is nice and bought me another one to make up for it, but still! So we cant sit down and have to go into the horse barn to eat. YUM, horses and food....... But low and behold we had no need to worry because there were 3 kids in there! SO unlike the HUGE horse shows in the town I grew up in! And that was pretty much the end of the fair..... Weird I think! Hehehehe

So what do you think? Are you going to the fair? Did you enjoy my story? hehe.

Hope you have a great day- catch up with you all later!


  1. The fair I grew up going to was semi-big I guess. The fair you went to sounds like a dud :) So glad your MIL got you another sandwich!

  2. HA HA HA glad I didn't take a trip up to see that. Did they have the wooden names?
    Glad you didn't have to eat with horses yuck the smell would'nt work for me.

  3. We have a pretty big fair. We were going to go but now we are not. We are going to the Zoo again.. Maybe next year. My Round Robin is tomorrow if you want to show off your shop..

  4. Wow, that would be a disappointment after what you were used to growing up. The one here isn't all that big. We just went earlier this week. I was mesmerized at the gorgeous quilts on display and I started taking pictures of each booth until I realized just how many I would have to take to get them all. LOL I still don't think ours is huge, but it certainly gets the townsfolk out and about.

  5. Our county fair is winding down now, but I have never been. It is a big fair, but that also means BUG crowds and it has been in the 90s here - no thanks, says I.

  6. ours is a lil larger but not like in big d
    come see us when you get a chance to go to the POW WOW yeah sounds impressive

    btw did you look at my post
    where you can go and enter to win $$$$ for school?

  7. We don't even have a fair in our city. I guess only small towns do them around here.


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